Reading Your Own Journal Entries

If there’s any reading material that will greatly improve your future, it’s reading about your life from the past.

To me, one of the most influential journal entries to date is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Marcus didn’t intend for his journal entries to be made public but when it did, it made a huge impact on others. Could you imagine what it did for him?

I’ve always loved journaling, but was never consistent with it until almost two and a half years ago when my spiritual journey began and when Saturn made it’s transit into my sun and rising sign of Sagittarius. I had no idea about any of this spiritual or astrology stuff but this was the start of the journey that would eventually lead to my awakening, my “aha” moments in life.

I decided to open up all 5 of my journals and start digging into the last two and a half years to see how I’ve changed and wow, I’m amazed at what I’ve written. I almost didn’t recognize myself. I laughed, I cried, I felt pity, I felt inspired. The structure of my beliefs were very different from how they are now.

As I dig deep into my past through reading my own journals entries, I find the things that my past self needed to improve on are being brought into the present in order to be corrected and set free so that I can pave a brighter path for my future self.




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