Spending My Birthday Alone

Today is my 36th birthday, which so happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year. I am spending it alone. I’m not sad about it, in fact, I’m pretty stoked about it because I feel that I have more alone time to be more grateful for everything that I have in my life.

Traditionally, birthdays are mostly celebrated with friends and Thanksgiving is mostly celebrated with family. I decided to venture out and do things differently from the norm. I do have family and friends, not much, but I do feel this is a great day to truly focus on myself. It also allows me to embrace my independent nature and remind myself that I don’t need anyone else to make me happy. Anything outside of myself is just a bonus in life.

I plan to spend the day eating a whole pumpkin pie as my birthday cake, drinking Moscow Mules,  looking at memes and contemplating how I plan to make shit happen in my life during the next trip around the Sun. It’s going to be fun! Jupiter will also be coming back home in Sagittarius by my birthday next year, so this next year of my life is definitely the pregame moment. I’m excited!

So as I stuff my face right now with stuffing, wishing I had some green bean casserole to chow down on, I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Photo: Me at the Big Sur swing in Plaskett, California.


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