Mercury Retrograde Is A Time To Slow Down In Life

Mercury Retrograde has been given a bad rap.

I’m no astrologer but from what I know, Mercury is the planet of communication and quick thinking. It likes to go, go, go but in retrograde, it’s slow, slow, SLOOOOOOW! Right now, Mercury’s retrograde period is from December 3 – December 22. There’s a shadow period before and after these dates but I won’t get into that.

For most of us, we live in a very fast paced environment where communication in the form of technology is very quick and therefore, instant gratification has become the norm. I feel this is why there are many articles on how to “survive” the times when Mercury retrogrades. Electronic devices go haywire, the wifi is slow, communication between people becomes distorted, etc. People just get heated and start playing the blame game when really, it’s a time to just slow down in life.

There are other aspects of Mercury’s retrograde period like revisiting old patterns from the past that may need review and change but I feel that in order to be aware of those things, life needs to be taken at a snail’s pace first.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” I heard this phrase when I worked in the skydiving industry. It stuck with me. I always think about it when I get knocked on my ass for trying to move to quick in anything I should be taking my time with, especially during Mercury retrograde periods.

When Mercury retrogrades, the times when you should be slowing down will magnify. For instance, I get super hungry when I get home from the gym and I usually just devour my food and feel satisfied but I’ve noticed that since the retrograde period started this month, I’ve either choked on my food or caused pain from chewing too fast, so I slowed down… and slowing down in general is a rather difficult thing for me to do.

So during this time of retrograde, I just chill and slow down. As much as I want to get out, do so many things right now and get so many things done, I just slow down and do only what I need to do during this time…one thing at a time. My Sagittarius self rolls it’s eyes, but when Mercury goes direct on December 22, game on.


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