Getting Back Into Tarot Cards After 11 Years…What?!

When I was 15 years old, I remember having a tarot deck. I probably got it from Hot Topic since that was my favorite store during my teenage days when piercing my own eyebrow twice was cool.

I don’t remember much about the tarot deck other than it had some pretty dark images and that I loved trying it out for fun like the Ouija board. There were certain cards that I remember clearly like Death and The Devil. I had no clue about what they really represented but I do remember not wanting to pull those two cards anytime I was laying out a spread. I stopped using it as my teenage life seemed to have blossomed towards being more outdoors during my free time.

This past year has felt like a curse and a blessing. There were so many question marks floating around in my world and I was determined to find answers to them because I can’t help but want to know everything!

I can’t explain all of the different sources of information that I’ve come across for the magnitude of issues I dealt with this year. I thought hmm… maybe I should watch videos on tarot readings. I did for awhile and it was fun. A lot of the general readings resonated with me but I wanted a personal spread and I had a lot of questions to ask. And from the videos I saw, most of the tarot readers had the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

I saw the updated Radiant version and wanted to get it, but then found the Radiant Rider-Waite tarot book and deck set on Amazon. Boom, score! It was a nice Christmas gift to myself. I have to say that I was so stoked over this set that I spent so much time shuffling that my hands and fingers started hurting.

I couldn’t wait to start laying out different spreads I saw in the tarot book! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to cleanse the deck before you start laying out spreads and to be clear about your question when shuffling. This was my first spread:


I laughed when I pulled these cards because I just knew right away this wasn’t right and it was a way for the cards to tell me to cleanse the cards first, then be clear about my question.

I smudged the deck with white sage and then asked for a basic reading on how my day is going to go and this is what came up:


A much better layout because I was already resonating with the first card. And my day did turn out just like the cards said. Fun stuff!

Even though I’m new to this and my shuffling needs much improvement, I’m definitely excited about this new tarot set and the book is super handy! I look forward to learning more and more about tarot readings and starting my mornings off with a general reading and a nice cup of coffee. Cheers!




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