No Winter This Year In SoCal?

Winter officially began over a week ago, yet it still feels like summer.

I live in Southern California and the weather has been gorgeous. The current weather in my area is 73°F/23°C. I look outside, I notice that most of the trees are still green and there isn’t a cloud in sight. Usually around this time of year most of the trees are bare, there’s some cloud coverage and it rains. I don’t think it’s rained here in months and we need it, especially with all the recent wildfires that broke out at the beginning of this month! Someone rain dance, please.

Rainy days are great because we don’t get much of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, but I need some days to miss it. When I’m constantly exposed to the same thing all the time, I get bored quick and then I start to lose that full blown sense of gratitude towards it. I love change, it excites me, and so I need to be away from the same things for a bit. So when it rains, that deep feeling of gratitude towards the sun again gets fired up.

Since it doesn’t snow here, rainy days are great days to get cozy and relax. I love that winter vibe! I love the cold crisp air, the flannel blankets, and the hot cup of coffee to warm my hands. These days are great to enjoy being indoors to listen to the rain, watch movies or cozying in front of a fireplace reading a book. But nope, not this winter. I’ve been spending time outside in my summer apparel – shirt, shorts and flip flops because my apartment is just lit with the natural light during the day and who wants to stay indoors when it’s warm outside the sun is shining bright?

Hopefully soon, we’ll get some rainy days so the crazy wildfires can come to an end and I can enjoy staying indoors. I know most people would think I’m silly for wanting to be indoors when the sky is clear and the weather is warm because they live in an area that is just getting blasted with snow and freezing temperatures. But like I said, I love change.


Photo: A view of the Santa Ana Mountains from my balcony this morning.

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

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