Why You Shouldn’t Tell Anyone Your Goals

It’s almost 2018 and people are writing out their New Year’s resolutions.

There’s so much to look forward to in the upcoming year. So many goals to accomplish! From weight loss to being a millionaire. But should they be revealed to anyone?

In my opinion, no. Especially the big goals. But why?

As we all know, actions speak louder than words. Words hold energy and our minds are transmitters for them. You tell someone about a big goal you want to achieve in 2018 and let’s say, they laugh at you. Instantly, you feel a sense of failure right away and you haven’t even started. That’s energy you don’t need.

It’s nice to receive a thumbs up from other people, but if you are trying to pursue goals, the only person that should validate your action towards them is yourself, no one else.

Weight loss has been the prime example of a major goal in New Year’s resolutions. I can’t tell you how packed the gym gets in January. Nothing wrong with that, it’s awesome to see people making the effort. Then come months later, the gym quiets down and people go right back to bad eating habits.

Then what? How do you explain to people that you didn’t follow through with your goal? And if you did follow through with it, was your achievement based on really taking action towards it, or to prove to people you can do it?

I feel that telling people your goals can be a double-edged sword. Meaning, you can tell them, but if you don’t follow through, you may feel like a failure and also feel bad because they may perceive you to be one. Then, if you do follow through, you may jump on that ego trip train to smug valley with the “See, I told you I would do it!” kind of mindset. And being arrogant isn’t very admirable.

When you keep goals to yourself, you have no one to prove but yourself. No one knows and there’s no pressure to show anyone “you can do it”. So when you do follow through with your goals, you won’t care who recognizes it because you’ll be so proud of yourself for what you accomplished. That’s self-love. And if other people notice, bonus! If you don’t end up following through, it’s ok. There’s no one to judge you and you can always get back up and try again without worrying about what others think of you. Sounds like a double win to me!

So, if I could suggest any goal to add to your New Year’s resolution, it would be to keep your goals a mystery and go full throttle towards making them happen!

Cheers and have a wonderful & mysterious goal setting New Year!


Photo: Taken via BeHappy.me

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