7 Books That Heavily Influenced My Life

I love reading. I also have a very, VERY short attention span. Books of ridiculous length need to be really interesting in order to keep me from putting them down and never picking them back up. I give them 1-2 chapters, then I’ll browse around other chapters and if I find myself getting bored, bye.

These books were the ones that kept my attention throughout. Well done, authors!


Two years ago on my 34th birthday, my wish was to become mentally strong. Well, I received that wish right around my birthday this year. The Universe provided me many ways to get my shit together and develop the stoic mind. When you get into the stoic mindset, your mental strength game is strong and no one can touch you.

So, I thought I would share the books that helped me on my journey towards being mentally “unfuckwithable”… while I listen to my “I Mean It” playlist. Random name but… Zombie by The Cranberries is currently playing.

Anyways, I’ll share my very brief review/eval/assessment/analysis/whatever you want to call it, with a snippet (from my phone) of the two books that are translation books. I started with the book that had the most influence and worked my way down. Cheers and enjoy!

  1. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
    This book is awesome! It’s short and to the point. Ryan explains how to take the many frustrating obstacles we encounter on the daily by flipping them over and taking advantage of them instead.
  2. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
    Another Ryan Holiday fav! There’s a historical stoic quote every day and Ryan translates it into modern day language. This book is actually quite popular and The Daily Stoic Journal was just released. I’m definitely buying it!
  3. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (Gregory Hays translation)
    Lots of great insights from one of the most influential/inspirational Roman emperors…too bad his son was an idiot though. This was actually Marcus’ journal on self reflection, in which he did not intend to share with anyone.
  4. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson
    This book is quite popular. I don’t really need to explain. It’s a book on values with a clever title. Mark is pretty funny, too.
  5. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
    This is a book on learning all about that Machiavellian, iron fist in a velvet glove, type of personality. Many people feel this book is giving too many ideas on how to con others, but I think of it as a book on how to protect yourself from them. Great historical stories. It’s a thick book but dang, I had to keep reading the stories.
  6. The Art of Living by Epictetus (Sharon Lebell translation)
    It’s almost like The Daily Stoic and Meditations but there’s quite a few ideas that Epictetus had that Marcus didn’t. Marcus was a Roman Emperor, whereas, Epictetus was a slave. Two great philosophers from different sides of the hierarchy spectrum in the Roman Empire.
  7. The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein
    This is a cute book. I like Gabby’s explanation of how the Universe helps co-create our reality. This is more of a spiritual book then a practical stoic one but nonetheless, it explains how to get your shit together.

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