What Defines A Good Person?

I have to ask myself this question all the time. I even ask my cat, Libra.

To me, a good person is someone who would return a wallet, as is, if found, regardless if the wallet had a shit ton of money inside. Why? Because this shows how strong their moral compass is, especially when given a situation that is very tempting.

A couple of days ago, I came across this kind of situation. It wasn’t a wallet though. I was at the gym near the squat rack and I noticed there were a couple of locking collars lying by the barbell I was about to use. Collars are clips that lock weights into place on a barbell. They cost around $20 – $50 for a pair and the ones I found looked pretty nice. No one claimed them and the gym doesn’t supply those because people would take them real quick. Well, I took them. But as soon as I left, I felt terrible because I knew they weren’t mine, even though they were just sitting there and no one claimed them.

This feeling brewed inside of me for hours like I was having an allergic reaction because even though no one claimed them, the fact is, they didn’t belong to me. I took the collars back to the gym and gave them to the manager in case the owner had come back for them. He was surprised that I returned them and mentioned that people forget their collars all the time and never see them again, because other people take them. Finders keepers, losers weepers right? Not to me.

If I can return something that doesn’t belong to me, I will do it, whether it costs $.01 or $1 million. I’m surprised at myself for actually taking the collars instead of immediately giving them to the gym manager when I came across them. Do I feel bad about myself? No, because I learned a valuable lesson and I rectified the situation, which was a HUGE sigh of relief. However, I am proud of myself because I knew that even though it didn’t seem like a big deal, it was a big deal to my integrity and I needed to do the right thing.

I always try to be a good person and an even better one every day because it feels natural and it feels good. Anything I do that may question my integrity will always present itself in some uncomfortable way, but I love that because it keeps me in check. It’s that whole boomerang effect – you get back what you put out, thoughts included.

And even though no one may know or be affected by whatever it is that questions my integrity, I know the Universe is always watching and waiting with that karmic boomerang in hand.


Photo: My kitchen, wine collection, my MacBook, my coffee and my cat, Libra.

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12 thoughts on “What Defines A Good Person?

    • Absolutely. In fact, I admire them for having the courage to return the bike
      even though they really didn’t need to because I failed to lock it up. So that would be my own fault. Whether the bike was returned from their own guilty conscience or somebody made them do it is not my business but rather for the Universe to handle.
      Taking a negative view about somebody when they had the courage to rectify something they felt they did wrong is counterproductive.

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      • It’s interesting that you would find fault with yourself for leaving it unsecured. I assume you’d see the situation differently if they used a $12 pair of bolt cutters to cut your chain first? Or if you had left a sign on your bike that said ‘JEN OWNS THIS AND WILL JUDGE YOUR CHARACTER IF YOU STEAL’?

        Also, do you find there to be any wrongs a person can make and not be forgiven?

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      • Haha, I judge anything that comes within the radius of my 5 senses. I just try to respond to them in the most constructive way possible.

        If someone stole my bike and returned it, I would feel the same because they returned it – they did the right thing. But regardless whether they did or not, I try my best to let it go because from my experiences when I do that, most of the time, whatever was lost/stolen somehow returns to me and the person involved usually experiences some kind of karma. That only happens once I let it go and don’t think or try anything vindictive.

        I think you can forgive just about anything. Of course there are many things that make it seem impossible, but most people try to take matters into their own hand in a very irrational way instead of letting the Universe roll up it’s sleeves and take action.


  • That was a great act you did there. Most of the time we justify our acts by saying, its the norm and that everybody does that. The fact that you overcame temptation and did the right things makes it even better.

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