Shower Thoughts

Ever notice that when you take a shower, some of your most brilliant ideas surface?

Well, it happens to me all the time. I only wish that I could write down all the ideas that surface while I’m showering. Instead, I just talk to myself about them. I get amped up and then start cracking jokes, because laughing at your own jokes in the shower is pretty fun. However, sometimes I just get so lost in my own sense of humor, I end up forgetting a lot of the ideas that surfaced. The shower brilliance just fades away. Oh well, maybe I’ll remember next time. In fact, maybe I should invest in those washable markers and just go to town on the walls. I might even invite a glass of red wine with me since that also helps open up my creativity. Hmmm…

10 minutes in the shower + washable markers + red wine = clean innovative fun!

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

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