Will SoCal Get Hit With A Major Earthquake Soon?

I don’t really like to watch the news because I feel that no news is good news but for some reason I felt the need to watch today.

We finally received the rain that never graced it’s presence in November and December of 2017. The endless summer I thought SoCal was going to have came to an end yesterday. It was nice to finally get rain, but when it does rain in SoCal, it literally pours.

As I watched the news in my apartment near Temecula, California, I saw that there are flash flood warnings and mudslides, which have killed people. My immediate reaction was, “Wow, at the beginning of last month the crazy wildfires teamed up with the Santa Ana winds and destroyed many parts of SoCal. Then at the beginning of this month, we get hit with flash floods which have also caused some nasty damage. What’s lined up for the beginning of next month, an earthquake?”

I’m generally an optimist, especially with most things we can control in life but when these natural occurences happen that are out of our control, I try to get as realistic as possible.

The last earthquake I remember really well was on Easter in 2010. I was living in Palm Springs, California and was in between my two jobs that day. I wanted to go home to sit in my underwear and bra for an hour and it hit hard – a magnitude of 7.2! I ran outside in my underwear and bra and my neighbors didn’t pay much attention because well, the earthquake rattled the shit out of us.

It’s been a while since I’ve experienced an earthquake like that. The time before Easter in 2010 was in late 1999. I was watching the Howard Stern show late at night and I remember when that hit. I woke up my parents because I’m pretty sure they would’ve slept through it. We ended up walking outside and it was pitch dark with various car alarms blasting. That earthquake had a magnitude of 7.1 and occurred in Twentynine Palms, California, where I lived at the time.

So, yes, now I’m wondering if we are going to get hit with another earthquake soon with all the elements making their presence known lately. I’m not looking forward to it, but it doesn’t hurt to keep this thought in mind, right?


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