Evoke Your Authenticity

This morning as I was driving back home from my sisters house, aha moments in my mind started to fire left and right.

I love when this happens!

Lately I’ve been reading blogs and hearing from people about how this year has started out rather “shitty” or unpleasant for them in some way. At first, it didn’t register as something I needed to pay attention to. All I thought was how strange it was that all these people around me seem to be dealing with either being sick and/or having some personal issues but I was just fine. I was even around people with bronchitis but didn’t catch it when I was around them.

At the beginning of this year, I find out that an uncle of mine passed away on New Year’s Eve, my grandmother was hospitalized a few days later and my sister was involved in a car accident as well. These were obviously unfortunate events but for some reason I did not panic, think negatively or allow myself to fall victim to any of this. I did what I needed to do and kept positivity at the forefront of my mind. I drove 6 hours to attend the funeral and drove back home the next day, my grandmother was released from the hospital and my sister was ok.

What brought up my aha moments was thinking about my sister and what most would call a series of unfortunate events. First, she suffered from bronchitis for over 2 weeks, gets into a car accident the day she’s healthy enough to go back to work, and then ends up experiencing other detrimental issues after the car accident. So I wondered… what was going on with her?

Aha! I had a pretty good idea why all this was happening to her only because I experienced it myself.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had a pretty rough 2-3 years. There were many things that I dealt with where I felt misunderstood, victimized and just plain confused no matter what I did. I could never figure out what was going on. Then finally in September 2017, I started to slowly figure it out.

This may seem woo-woo to people but I always ask to keep an open mind because after all, that’s when we learn the most, right?

So from my personal experience, the planetary alignments really do have an influence on our lives but we all have the free will to make our own choices. I don’t like to call it astrology because that term just screams bullshit. I thought it was all bullshit for a very long time because I did not keep an open mind until I had no choice to but to give into it. So now I make sure I keep an open mind to pretty much everything.

So I’m not going to delve into it all, but rather explain just one planet, Saturn, the planet that heavily influenced Gwen Stefani in the No Doubt album Return of Saturn.

Saturn is the great karmic taskmaster. This planet is very constrictive, plays by the rules, and advocates hard work. It’s a very slow moving planet that takes on average 2-3 years to move from one zodiac sign to another, which means 29-30 years to make one full trip around the sun. It was hovering in my sign of Sagittarius for the last 3 years in my 1st house of identity. Ask any Sagittarius how they’ve felt the last 3 years. We are about expansion and fun. We don’t take things very seriously and are natural wanderers, but Saturn isn’t about that life. No wonder I had experienced so many “unfortunate events”. I allowed my values to wander off into inauthentic la la land. I had no choice but to realign my values towards authenticity for the last 3 months of December. I was a hermit! But once Saturn left, I felt the veil being lifted almost immediately. My finances are much heavier now than ever this month, yet I’m feeling as cool as a cucumber. It’s almost as if I’m not affected emotionally by anything like I was just months ago. Instead, I am more prone to embracing the stoic philosophy I’ve been reading about while witnessing others sulking in emotional turmoil.


Saturn moved into Capricorn, it’s home, on December 20th 2017. Home means authenticity and because it is at home, it’s much more powerful. So, for the next 2-3 years, authenticity will be heavily watched over everyone. Wherever you are bullshitting in your life, even if no one knows but you, should be changed immediately. However, I can’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do. It isn’t up to me. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices in life, right? But from what I’ve read, experienced and have seen in others, this is a karmic planet, you can either be heavily rewarded for your authenticity or punished for betraying your own well being.

Saturn’s karmic grip also depends what house it’s in. Since I’m a Sagittarius, that is my 1st house and since Capricorn is the zodiac sign after Sagittarius, it is my 2nd house. The 2nd house rules money, finances and self worth. And already I have noticed many stressful financial situations being thrown in my face this month but I am optimistic and taking action. I have also set many boundaries that I failed to do in the past and have done much effort to take care of my health by eating well and exercising. So this may be why I did not get sick around contagious viruses but rather witnessed many others fall prey to them since mid December.

In regards to my sister, Saturn is in a house that she knew she needed to take action towards years ago but put it off to the side  “for later” and now everything that house rules has all come crashing down on her within these last few weeks. But like I’ve mentioned, we all have free will, or rather the law of attraction, to change that.

We are always given the opportunity to be authentic. But because our ancestors needed to survive, our brains have evolved into reacting without hesitation. That’s where the ego comes in. It wants to protect us at all costs, even when there is no need whatsoever. It’s an opposing force we don’t like but is necessary for our survival. That’s why you may find yourself quick to react if someone cuts you off in traffic or you just found out about some kind of disloyalty. This is why it is so easy to veer off your authentic path and have the tendency to do something you may regret later. Your ego is on alert 24/7.

So in order to bypass the grueling hardships and harsh lessons you receive from a rash decision/regretful choice that your ego may cause you, evoke your authenticity as much as you can. Not only will you find life to flow more smoothly, but you will also be rewarded for good karma.


via Daily Prompt: Evoke

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