My Balance of Entertainment


The main goal in my life is to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of my life. The great thing about this goal is that reaching it is infinite and therefore, continuous.

There are many times that life will kick us off that balance beam but we have the choice to hop right back on and keep on keeping on. That is a form of balance as well. We need to get kicked off every once in awhile, in order to stay balanced.

In regards to what entertains me, there are 6 activities that I genuinely love partaking in. They are activities that don’t require me to come up with any logical explanations as to why I love them because they just naturally interest me and make me feel good. I also don’t need to partake in them for any other reason than in itself.

I feel that these activities are on both sides of extremities, so naturally, they balance me. So what are they? In no specific order, they are:


  1. Riding motorcycles
  2. Skydiving
  3. Offroading in my Jeep Wrangler
  4. Writing/Blogging
  5. Reading
  6. Meditating

Obviously, the first 3 activities are extreme sports and the last 3 are well, not so extreme but I enjoy all of them equally. They entertain my personality very much.

Since I just started my blog recently, I would love to share my experiences with these activities as they come. There have been many experiences in the past that I would’ve loved to blog about from having to go to the ER from a motorcycle accident to activating my spiritual awakening from meditation but I did not have a blog at the time. Now I do and I’m very excited to share because sharing is caring!

I also intend to create pages dedicated to them with all sorts of information that have served me and that I find interesting. For example, how to acquire a skydiving license, where to find sweet Jeep products, and what kind of meditation practices work for me. So I have a lot of work to do but it’ll be fun because they are entertaining! So stay tuned!

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