People Watching

…is creepy, but super fun!

I think we all do some people watching from time to time, we just don’t realize it. I like to people watch every once in a while just to study how people interact with one another, how they act on their own and how they act with other things within their perception. It really is interesting but of course, it’s not something you want to be obvious about in a creepy way. I also don’t care much about what people do outside of the area I observe them in because I’m not about that stalker life. Haha.

Sometimes if I’m eating at a restaurant somewhere or have a cocktail alone, I’ll look around to see what other people are doing because sometimes it’s just nice to look around and observe. And what’s really interesting is that I’m a primary target for people to watch because I’m a female who’s gone out solo and you don’t see much of that. It’s not that I don’t want anyone to go places with me, I just prefer to go places and do things on my own from time to time. I don’t feel like I need any friends to accompany me in order to go out for dinner or enjoy a cocktail. Going places alone gives me the opportunity to meet other people because people do get curious as to why I am out alone.

Sometimes when I people watch, I get inspired by what I see and conjure up many different ideas about the world we live in and sometimes I find myself coming up with jokes and just have to enter them into my journal to give myself a good chuckle later on. Anything to keep my sense of humor at it’s prime.

Really good places to people watch and get a good chuckle from are places like Fremont Street in Las Vegas and Venice Beach. Lots of interesting people around. If you’ve never been to either, lots of really cool things going on but can be a bit overwhelming as well.

My favorite place to people watch is at the park when I’m in between reading or writing. I see all kinds of things going on. From people actually interacting with each other in sporting activities to parents who aren’t paying attention to their kids on the swings because they are on their phone. Sometimes I’ll even catch people almost walking into each other because they are on their phones! Oy vey! But regardless of what happens, people watching is fun, interesting and keeps me in the present moment.

Do you like to people watch? If you do, what are your favorite places to observe people?

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