Positive Thinking vs. Feeling Good

I thought I would give a brief explanation of the differences.

Recently, I’ve been scrolling through blogs that have been tagged “life”. I’m always pretty stoked about this tag because I love to read about life adventures. But, what I’ve noticed lately is that most of the posts I see have been very dark and the theme seems to be how 2018 has started rather crappy and January is a bad month. It’s really unfortunate to see so many people upset with the way “life” has been so far this year. I figure maybe I can throw together a post that will help reach out to people who are dealing with tough times and how to get out of it with a more agile approach.

Positive thinking and feeling good seem very similar. The difference between the two is thinking vs. doing.

Positive thinking can become a form of resistance when you try too hard. If you feel like shit and someone just tells you to think positive, you may end up feeling worse, especially if you don’t see any progress right away. It’s a slow moving process and ignores the issues at hand, which you don’t want to do. Don’t get me wrong, positive thinking is great but it isn’t what most people need to primarily focus on when it comes to getting out of a negative funk.

Feeling good, on the other hand, is an agile approach to get out of the negative funk. You don’t give your brain time to think, you just do. You can quickly shift your vibration in an instant. You aren’t just sitting there trying to think positively and ignore what’s going on, you are actually taking action. You acknowledge what life has given you but you quickly tell it that you’ll come back for it once you take care of something first. When you feel good, positive thinking naturally shows up without force. You are then able to come back and accept what you’ve been given, instead of ignoring it.

So what should you do? Anything that makes you feel good but isn’t some sort of addiction, of course. Listening to your favorite music is probably the best type of action, in my opinion. You raise your vibration just from rocking out to some sweet tunes. When you do that, your brain releases endorphins and you naturally start thinking positive to where you’re able to play the hand that you’re dealt. The key is just to keep feeling good, whatever that may be for you. We are creatures of habit so if you make it a habit, you won’t have to force yourself to think positively when shit storms come your way. It will come naturally.

via Daily Prompt: Agile


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