The Looks I Get When I’m Grocery Shopping

When I go grocery shopping, the one thing that I dread doing is opening any of the doors in the frozen foods section. Why? Because their handles are metal and I shock myself EVERY time I touch them! I have no idea where the static comes from either. Maybe it’s my shockingly magnetic personality. Haha. I’m kidding. Kind of.

So because I absolutely dread that feeling of electric shock, I inch my way to the handle and jerk back a few times before I actually go in for the final handle-grabbing kill. But what’s interesting is how people will stop what they’re doing to look at me with a look of confusion, amusement and some will even get a quick laugh from my weird approach to grabbing the handles. I can’t help it though, I really am scared to touch the handles but once I do, the minor yelp I let out is rather comical, I suppose.

I guess even though I’m scared as shit to get shocked, at least I can give people a good reason to laugh when they’re at the grocery store.

via Daily Prompt: Shock

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