Gaining Financial Abundance and Losing Weight

How to do it? It’s very simple and candid: Don’t worry about it, take action and enjoy the process.

If there are 2 things I feel people struggle with the most, it’s money and weight.

I’ve struggled with the former many times because I worried about it constantly. I’ve had this stigma about money for quite a few years. Ever since that negative thought about money became impressed into my subconscious, I’ve had a very rocky relationship with it, even when I had absolutely no reason to be. I had enough money to live what I consider to be “comfortable”, but because I worried so much, the Universe started throwing shit my way in order to give me more reasons to be worried, like random bills, increased fees, my Jeep breaking down right before my smog test was due, etc. Like attracts like. I even started earning more when I didn’t worry about it and focused on other aspects of my life that kept me busy. But the moment I started to worry again, my financial gains went into the toilet. I started working too hard to make more money because I was worried about losing it all and never having enough, therefore, created a ton of resistance for myself. I eventually had to spend money on random shit at the wrong time and also just couldn’t hold myself back from blowing it on shit I didn’t need. My relationship with money was crap on and off because I worried so much about it. But now I’m letting that worry go once and for all and taking action so that I can welcome financial abundance into my life forever.

When it comes to weight, I’ve never worried about it. I never weighed myself unless I was asked to and even when I saw how much I weighed, I didn’t care, I shrugged it off. I would proudly tell people how much I weighed if they asked. In fact, the most I ever weighed was 198lbs/90kgs in 2004 when I was pregnant with my little mini me, Kal. After she was born, I still didn’t worry about my weight. I just went about my day. I did exercise and eat healthy most of the time because I just knew it was good for me and I genuinely appreciated it without having to force myself to feel that way. We are given one body after all, so I feel we need to treat it like a temple.

Anyhow, I lost all that weight and never gained it again. Why? Because I didn’t worry about it. I’m 5’7″ and have fluctuated between 120lbs/54kgs and 135lbs/61kgs with a body fat percentage ranging between 15-21. I’m 36 years old and figured my metabolism should have started slowing at around 30 years old. But like I said, I didn’t worry about it and still don’t, unlike my sisters who constantly worry and well, they keep allowing themselves to receive more reasons to worry.

My metabolism is still pretty fast because I’m taking action. I exercise by doing what I naturally love doing: hiking, heavy squats and heavy deadlifts. I also eat what I like and what naturally makes me feel good: veggies, coconut milk curry, trail mix and every so often a Big Mac and fries. It’s all about balance and the right mindset.

We are all energetic beings and vibrate on a certain frequency. It’s like a radio station you want to listen to when your mood is uplifting. When you are exercising, you don’t want to tune into a radio station that plays lullabies for babies to fall asleep to right? No, you align with the type of music that you are feeling or want to feel. It’s the same way with everything else in life. When you align with worry and insecurity you bring more of that into your life, but when you align with confidence and abundance, you bring more of that into your life. It’s really simple. Our mind just find ways to make things complicated, because our mind is complicated in itself.

So if you are having issues with losing weight or creating financial abundance, first thing to do is to just stop worrying about it and instead be confident about what you are presented with in the present. Who doesn’t like a confident person? I know I do. Then take action and find ways to feel good now. You will be surprised with what the Universe presents to you. I’m not kidding. Manifestations in the physical world are evidence of what you are feeling. Create a vision board, visualize something exciting before bedtime, go pet dogs, whatever works for you and makes you feel good. Take action, even if it’s just baby steps. But don’t compare yourself to anyone. Everyone is on their own journey. It is up to us to make the best of it in our own unique way. Cheers!


Photo:Β I came across this little piece of inspiration at a Shell gas station near Woodland Hills, California.

via Daily Prompt: Candid

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