Wow, What Are The Chances?

I am in shock right now.

I was lounging in my room reading some blogs and decided to come out to my living room to watch a little bit of tv and eat some pizza. I usually don’t watch much tv but decided to turn it on and the news comes on. The first thing I see shocks the shit out of me.

So a couple of days ago, I made a post on how I had a malfunctioning parachute and that they happen, not very often but they do and I was able to perform my emergency procedures in order to land my reserve parachute safely. Well I see on the news that there was a fatality today at my home drop zone in Perris, California.

I am just baffled because I just tried to explain how skydiving is relatively safe. From what witnesses saw, the skydiver looked unconscious. This means that quite possibly, he did not have what’s called an AAD installed or even turned on before his skydive. An AAD is an automatic activation device. It’s a small computer that monitors altitude and speed. If you are going a certain speed at a certain altitude, it will cut the loop that holds the reserve parachute in place. It has saved sooooo many lives from people being unconscious or some other issue. Details and name have not been released and I’m not even going to try to reach out to any skydivers I know to find out, even though I’m wondering if it’s someone I know because there are many people who visit that drop zone from around the world. It’s unfortunate that this had to happen.

The last time a fatality occurred in Perris, if I remember correctly, was in 2014, 4 years ago. Skydive Perris is a big drop zone and averages over 100,000 skydives a year. So about 400,000 skydives without a fatality. So what are the chances that I post a blog about my malfunctioning parachute, when only two days later, a fatality occurs at my home drop zone? I feel like I need to be more careful what I blog about. What do you think?

And as I wrote this blog, a news reporter discussing a completely different news event says, “What are the chances?” No joke.

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