Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

With everything that’s been going on in my life recently, I realized that this is my window of opportunity to take massive action towards my desires in life. It’s my time to push through the bullshit that’s been impeding my way. I want to travel, explore, write, help inspire and provide comic relief to others with all the hidden nuggets of wisdom in my head. But how can I do any of that if I’m not doing anything about it? The contradictions are there and they are showing me what I need to do.
Contradictions = obstacles = the way.

I took a walk down to grab a cup of coffee and decided to grab a $2 Powerball lottery ticket too for shits and giggles. As I started walking back home, I looked at this path that runs alongside the apartment complex I live at. I’ve been wanting to walk down it and see where it leads to but just brushed it off because I figured it would just lead to a dead end. Well, this morning. instead of walking up to my apartment on the 3rd floor, I decided to walk down the path.

To my astonishment, the path lead me to this amazing view of the lake! I just couldn’t believe it! Here it is, and has been since I moved in, this lovely view of the city I live in. I didn’t realize how awesome it was because I allowed myself to doubt the possibilities of where this path will take me. I’m a natural explorer and I guess I’ve allowed fear and doubt to run my life too much lately. Way to go, Jen.

I always knew that getting out of your comfort zone opens up so many possibilities. I always talk about it but didn’t be about it because I became afraid and doubtful. If I want to travel and explore the world, I should start where I reside, right?

So I took a 6 mile walk towards the lake and look what I’ve been missing out on!








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