Keep Writing

Even if you feel no one likes or reads your shit.

Keep writing because there are people out there that will appreciate and resonate with what you write. You just need to get it to the right people. So keep going. They will come.

Keep writing because you love doing it. When you give writing your all and you enjoy doing it, regardless of what it is, people will recognize that.

Keep writing because even though you feel that what you have to write about has already been written, it hasn’t been written by you.

Keep writing because it makes you feel good and feeling good makes you want to keep writing.

Keep writing because I am always interested in what you have to write about.

Keep writing even if you have 0 followers. Be your own follower. Heck, can I be your first follower?

Keep writing because great writers keep writing.

Keep writing because, well just keep writing! 🙂



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