Embracing Loneliness

There are times in our life where we may feel alone… and that’s ok.

I’ve felt alone many times in the past but every time I felt that way, I learned something. I learned the value of people in your life and how human bonding plays an important role.

There’s this absolutely phenomenal movie called Into the Wild. If you haven’t seen this movie or read the book, I highly recommend it.

Into the Wild follows the life of a wealthy college graduate, Christopher McCandless, who decided to leave his life in Virginia in order to pursue his dreams by hitchhiking/traveling across the states in order to get to Alaska where he can live a life of solitude in the wilderness. He’s happy about his solitude for some time but comes to a point where he realizes that human bonding is a necessity in life. However, when he realizes this, it’s too late.

There’s been times when I’ve isolated myself from people. Like Christopher, I was just pissed off with society and all the bullshit that comes along with it. However, I didn’t do anything radical. I knew I couldn’t change society but I could change myself.

Last year in February, I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona to check out the vortexes. Yes, vortexes not vortices. I went alone and hiked 50 miles in 5 days. I remember seeing families and couples sometimes but no one hiking on their own. This kind of bothered me at first and made me feel lonely because everyone I came across appeared happy with who they were with. But I just kept going, all by my lonesome.

I didn’t receive any phone calls or texts from anyone during these 5 days and thought, well ok, whatever. I shouldn’t be looking at my phone anyways, I should just focus on myself.

After hiking in solitude for a few days, I came to realize that I was ok with being lonely. I needed to feel what it’s like to be lonely and that I didn’t need anyone to call, text or make me feel good because I knew that I was a strong and independent person. I embraced it heavily, which actually made me value the people in my life more than I did before. I did not need anyone, but I valued everyone. Once this happened, the text and phone calls started to roll in again and it felt great!

However, as the year went by, I lost that feeling towards appreciating people because I was around them way too much and my own values went into the toilet. This made me realize that it’s necessary to embrace loneliness at times without doing anything radical. When you do, you keep that nice balance of independence and appreciation towards the people you value in life.


Photo: Me, enjoying a cup of coffee in my apartment as I observe the smoke from the sage.

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