Interesting Finds

I love books. Libraries and bookstores just fascinate me. They are just filled with so much knowledge. Even shopping around on Amazon gets me all excited because there are books there that I can’t find in libraries or bookstores. Books are awesome!

So I was browsing around on to look for some interesting books and not only did I come across interesting books, I came across some interesting book ends. I figure I’d share a few of what I found.

Some of the books I posted may be offensive, but I found the titles to be rather funny and interesting. So I apologize in advance if they offend you in any way.

The End Bookend
Fred THE END bookends

book and hero bookend
Book and Hero bookends

Katana bookend
Katana Samurai Sword bookends

traumatize your children
How to Traumatize Your Children

go the fuck to sleep
Go the F**k to Sleep

I could pee on this
I Could Pee on This

heart and brain
Heart and Brain

what if
What If?

lets pretend
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

almost adulting
Almost Adulting

unbored games
Unbored Games

how to be an explorer
How to Be an Explorer of the World

finish this book
Finish This Book


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