Reading Tarot Cards

I’ve always had an interest in tarot cards since I was a teenager. I bought a tarot deck about 2 months ago and love it. It’s the Rider-Waite Radiant Tarot Deck with the handy book.  I use it every morning and sometimes throughout the day in order to see what I may be dealing with in the future, whether it’s tonight, tomorrow or at the end of the year. It’s fun. Seriously.

There’s a lot that goes into reading tarot cards. But like anything else in life, you just learn as you go. I really didn’t understand much about them a month ago. I just knew they were cards that have pictures on them and tell a story about your life when you lay them out. I felt that my imagination sucked but I kept practicing anyways. I tried out different spreads but found some that I resonated with and stuck with it. I use a 3-3-3 method as I feel 3 really is the magic number and it’s simple. I’ll explain that later.

Everyone has intuition, therefore, everyone can read tarot cards. The more you play around with them, the more you’re able to tap into your own special psychic abilities. It may seem complex at first because the meanings and differences between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards but really, it gets easier as you go.

The Major Arcana cards (cards with Roman numerals) are cards that indicate big issues at hand and are more of a fixed energy you can’t really change, whereas, Minor Arcana cards allow you wiggle room to use your free will. There’s more into it but like I said, you learn as you go.

As I continued to understand the meaning of the cards, I have made my own rules as I feel you should do what resonates with you.


  1. I don’t mess around with the tarot deck when my energy is shitty. I’ve done that a couple of times and let me tell you, the cards that popped out during the spread were not pretty and were very confusing.
  2. I’m not comfortable enough to read the cards in reverse so I stick with them in the upright position.
  3. I don’t accept any cards that fly out face down. To me that just means I’m not supposed to see the card, because if I was, it would’ve landed face up, so I put it back into the deck.
  4. If more than 3 cards fly out face up, I will only take the first card and put the rest back into the deck. If cards just start cannonballing everywhere, that just means I need to calm the fuck down and start over.
  5. If 3 cards fly out at the same time I will either use all 3 in the spread or together if they came out practically on top of each other. If they come out on top of each other, I use the top card as the main read and the others as clarifiers for that card.
  6. I allow my intuition to guide me to what the cards tell me, not my ego. If the tower, death or devil cards come out, our natural reaction is to be fearful and fear is guided by the ego. Depending on what cards come out with them can actually indicate something really good. In fact, I had the tower card come out in my reading  this morning.

So given these rules, my readings come out pretty smoothly.

I use my own 3-3-3 method. I use 3 sets of cards for the first 2 readings. First, I shuffle using the common riffle shuffle. Then, I use the overhand shuffle when I want the cards to pop out. For the last reading, I just use the overhand shuffle until I see the same card pop out 3 times. It would seem like forever for the same card to pop out 3 times when there is 78 cards in a deck, but you’d be surprised how fast that one card pops out 3 times no matter what. I do take into consideration of the cards that were in the first 2 readings. I also look at the bottom of the deck in each reading, which to me, indicates the overall theme for the first 2 readings. For the bottom of the deck in the last reading, I consider that lurking energy for the day.


  1. I start my first reading with 3 cards: My daily reading for today, January 30, 2018img_1764
    1st card: Represents me and the energy I’m embodying (The Sun – Major)
    2nd card:
    What I’ll be dealing with for the day (Ace Of Swords – Minor)
    3rd card:
    The outcome (Judgement with Strength as a clarifier – both Major)
    Bottom of deck:
    Overall theme (Seven of Pentacles – Minor )What this reading means to me: The Seven of Pentacles indicate that I am relying on myself to take action in life and my work and that I’m monitoring my own progress. The Sun, indicates that I see a bright future in what I’m working on. The Ace of Swords indicate that I know what I need to do, get rid of the old ways of thinking and take action. The Judgement card along with the Strength card indicates that whatever I’m trying to do in life may receive criticism from other people, myself or both, but I will need strength in order to overcome it all. It could mean I get criticism on this post.
  2. Past, Present and Future: Can indicate any time. I don’t get specific, I always leave it open. It’s fun that way.img_1765
    1st card: Past (Queen of Wands – Minor)
    2nd card: Present (The Magician with The Tower and Ace of Cups as clarifiers – 2 Major, 1 Minor)
    3rd card: Future (Three of Swords – Minor)
    Bottom of deck: Overall Theme (Six of Swords)What this reading means to me: The Six of Swords indicates that I’m trying to move away from something toxic in my life and not look back. I’ve been getting this card a lot in my readings lately. The Queen of Wands indicates that at one time I’ve allowed my intuition and fiery passion in life to guide me in the direction I wanted to go. I wanted to embrace my natural stoic nature and get rid of what no longer serves me. The Magician with the Tower and Ace of Cups indicate that I’m currently feeling stagnant from moving forward from whatever is toxic because I’ve turned my back on stoicism and allowing illusions of my past dark night of the soul to linger about in my present. But with the Ace of Cups, I can choose to allow my hurtful past to bring me down or accept a new offer towards a brighter future. I hold the magic wand. And with the way the Queen of Wands is facing the Magician, I knew that this issue may surface at some point. The Three of Swords indicates a possible heartbreak in my future from not leaving the tower situation in the past or being involved in third party situation that I need to stay away from in order to prevent heartbreak. And yes, this reading is particular in my love life.
  3. Energy of the Day: This is what I mostly focus on as the general energy throughout the day, especially if the card is a Major Arcana, which today it is.img_1766
    The card that popped out 3 times today: Justice (Major)
    Bottom of deck: Five of Wands (Minor)What this reading means to me: The Five of Wands indicates that there’s going to be some lurking energy in regards to misunderstandings, resistance, roadblocks and barriers of some sort and criticisms that was shown in my first reading. The Justice card indicates that amidst of all the chaos and unpleasant things that may be thrown in my direction today, like seeing my bank account balance this morning, I need to go with the ebb and flow by remaining level headed and do what I feel is right. If I do, the final verdict will be in my favor.

So that’s my tarot reading for today. I hope you enjoyed my explanation of it all. If you have any questions, just ask. Cheers!


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