Why I Keep My Blog A Secret from Family and Friends

They probably wouldn’t even care if I told them about it anyways. Truth be told.

I consider myself an optimist but sometimes I just have to get real with myself.

I just got tired of trying to have fun and meaningful conversations with people who would rather look at Facebook feeds, take selfies or anything else that requires instant gratification. I also don’t have a lot of family and friends anyways, and I like it that way. It’s simple.

I consider myself to be very social in general, especially when I go out to socialize. I love to meet new people, make them laugh at my corny jokes, be weird and have fun but I also like to keep my social circle very small and have deep conversations. I don’t need a ton of friends to make me happy, I just need a few close ones.

I really do prefer to have a few close friends, than a bunch of superficial ones. I’m over the superficial bullshit. I dealt with so much of it over the last few years. Anyone who choses money, breast enhancements, status and any other superficial lifestyle does not resonate with me. I don’t care if you’re a pilot, a skydiving instructor, a skydiver with 10,000 skydives, own a Maserati or have a multi-million dollar home. That doesn’t dictate that you are a good fucking person. Be kind to people and keep your ego in check. That’s all it takes.

My family is very limited but most are very practical and would not approve of me trying to pursue my passion of writing because they feel that you can’t make a living doing any of that. Where’s the optimism and imagination? Am I even related? To them, I need to have work based on routine and thinking inside the box. I did that for years. It didn’t work out for me and now I’m over it. I don’t like routine and I like to think outside of the box. Routine = boring and thinking inside the box = mediocrity. They are practical, I’m innovative. They are cautious, I’m adventurous. I love them all but dang, we don’t see eye to eye at all.

My friends are in their own world. I care about them like I do my family but none of them are interested in philosophical thought or anything that has to do with writing, reading and deep-seated meaning. They have leaned towards the social media bullshit by engaging in other people’s superficial lives and then trying to find ways of one upping them instead of being true to themselves. I rarely talk to them anymore because I’m trying to better myself every day. I love them as well but time to move on.

When you’re on a mission to make progress in your life, sometimes the people you used to vibe with, no longer do and so you must let them go. You have to move onto others who are more aligned with the better version of yourself. Make no time for bullshit. Seriously. Follow your heart.

As of right now, I’m vibing really high with the blogging community because I feel this is where I belong. I’ve always loved writing but never really did much of it but write in my journal every day. At the beginning of 2017, I started gravitating towards writing but when I got involved with J, I started to lose my way.

There were signs that I needed to start writing and sharing my ideas. Even a few people and professors in the past have mentioned it to me but I ignored it because my ego said to stay involved with shitty jobs where I was a slave to others and to be around egotistical people who don’t give a shit about me. And for years, I did. And now, I’m done.

I don’t plan on telling family or friends about my blog until I feel that they truly deserve to know and right now, I don’t feel like they do. I don’t even log onto social media anymore because quite honestly, it’s a joke.

Aside from all the wonderful people I’ve come across and continue to come across in the blogging community, I crave for the development of new and meaningful friendships in my life. Cheers!


Photo: A reserve parachute ripcord pin with my Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulated seal to prevent tampering.



14 thoughts on “Why I Keep My Blog A Secret from Family and Friends

  • I agree with you about telling family, or anyone. When I took my Journalism class back in 2016, I was going through a phase and trying to figure out what direction I was going in my life and if writing/Journalism was in my best interest. Then my Journalism instructor said that a lot of people say that Journalism is dead just because everything is going to social media these days. He said, “that’s not true at all, it’s just taking a different direction that’s all.” I think that the more confidence we have in our abilities the better our chances at succeeding in our writing career. I too was very skeptical and even still am sometimes. Heck I was just thinking about that the other day because I don’t know much about freelance work and the writing industry. Am I good enough to do this work? YES, I am and I know that this is the direction I need to be going and that I enjoy so I am not going to let anything or anyone stand in my way. I don’t have much support for doing it either but you’re right we can support each other here and meet new people that have similar interest as our own. I don’t have much family either and my family that I do have are the same as yours it sucks but it is what it is I guess lol. Have a good day sis, I liked the read 🙂

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    • Love this! I get a bit skeptical and doubt surfaces every now and then but even so, I still feel the drive to keep going. I love writing and would rather spend my time doing this than to focus on making Youtube videos for people who are too lazy to read.
      I feel with all the social media and Youtube, instant gratification has just skyrocketed. It’s no wonder why people have anxiety when they don’t get what they want right away.

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      • YESSSSSSS TY I totallly agree with you it’s taken away the person/face-face interaction also and for my age the phone calls people just text all the time but in my day we picked up the phone and called ea other and could actually hear a voice at the other end because we didn’t have the technology we do now and I actually did a report in my Journalism class about that. I wrote about how it ruins relationships also.

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      • Yeah, it’s unfortunate how people communicate nowadays. It’s no wonder that social anxiety has become an issue. I have an interesting blog post coming up about an issue I’ve noticed for some time. 😉


  • I have friends and family that know I blog, but they don’t know where I blog, let alone any names associated with my blog. I feel it is very personal, and I am just not ready for them to be reading everything I post.

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