Get Rid of That Writer’s Block Nonsense

Seriously, there’s a way and it’s right in front of you, you’re just blocking it and don’t even know it.

If you are getting writer’s block, it’s because you’re closing yourself off to your own creativity. Not only that, you’re probably making things worse by trying too hard.

When I think about wanting to write about something, but nothing is coming up or what does come up, sounds like trash, I automatically acknowledge that my mind is just not in alignment and flowing with that sweet creative jungle juice. I let it go and move on. I don’t try to guess how long it will be because really, it’s out of my control, like most things in life.

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The Power of A Penny

Money, like love, has very powerful energies embedded into them. The difference between the two, is that you can see money and you know what it looks like in the material world, regardless of what country it’s from; but with love, you can’t see what love looks like, but rather, you can feel it without physically touching anything.

Despite their differences, we know how powerful they both are in their own way. We can both feel and see what money and love do for us and depending on how we treat them, will mirror right back at us. We always have the option to choose.

I want to explain the power of a penny through my recent experiences and the perspective I’ve gained that threw the piss poor relationship I’ve had with money for years, in the garbage. I’ll blog about my previous relationship with money and how it affected me big time in another blog.

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Is Ignorance Really Blissful?

No. I mean, yes. Wait, no… I mean, maybe?

I feel most people confuse ignorance with stupidity. Just because you are ignorant about something, doesn’t mean you’re stupid. In fact, there are many upon many things we are all ignorant about, but that’s ok because we don’t need to know everything, nor do we have the time to try.

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Think You Have Bad Luck?

Think again.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of adversity in life just like everyone else. I also understand there are many other people in the world who “appear” to have it worse than I. They don’t just experience adversity, they experience Adversity. Get what I’m trying to put down? These people who “appear” to have or be going through some very challenging times in their life are what I would consider to have true luck and are offered blessings in disguise. Why? Because of the perspectives I choose to acknowledge and believe in.

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The Axioms I Follow In Life

There are 3 of them as I believe 3 is the magic number. They all resonate with me deeply without me even trying to figure out why. I guess that’s why they’re called axioms. But even though they are axioms, I found them to prove their logical point.

The 3 axioms I follow in life are: Buddhism, Stoicism and spirituality. I don’t consider any of them to be religions. Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha), Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca and myself are all humans; none of which require anyone to see them as a supreme being. The spiritual aspect can be tricky but I’ll delve into that later.

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Self Worth Is Not Determined By Followers or Likes

Unless you want it to be.

True self worth is determined by how you feel about yourself not what others feel or appear to feel about you. It’s called self worth because it deals with the self. Otherwise, it would be called “what others think about me” worth.

I’m inspired to spread ideas that may help people live a better life because it truly makes me happy. But what really throws me off is receiving likes and followers who I feel don’t even read my shit or is interested in what I have to write about. I know many do, and that’s great! Heck, don’t follow me and like what I write but if it inspires and helps you in any way, that’s all I want.

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What Is Your Belief System Comprised Of?

Tenets that are constructive or destructive?

There are so many different belief systems out in the world, that as you get older, you start to wonder what you are truly conversant with and what really resonates with you, such as your philosophy in life and/or religion.

The minds of children are very fragile; they are super absorbent information sponges. Why? Because the critical faculty in the brain has not yet been built to protect the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious is the sacred treasure you hold within your mind, which is your belief system (memories, emotions, etc.). It’s home – with furniture. That’s why your childhood memories are much more salient than your adulthood memories. And I can guarantee your childhood memories will trump your adulthood memories, unless of course, there has been some damage to the limbic system in the temporal lobe part of the brain.

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