Self Worth Is Not Determined By Followers or Likes

Unless you want it to be.

True self worth is determined by how you feel about yourself not what others feel or appear to feel about you. It’s called self worth because it deals with the self. Otherwise, it would be called “what others think about me” worth.

I’m inspired to spread ideas that may help people live a better life because it truly makes me happy. But what really throws me off is receiving likes and followers who I feel don’t even read my shit or is interested in what I have to write about. I know many do, and that’s great! Heck, don’t follow me and like what I write but if it inspires and helps you in any way, that’s all I want.

As a side note: I’m not about trying to obtain as many followers and likes as possible that are meaningless and “fake”. That’s not how I roll. I also try to be mindful and not swear most of the time but sometimes, I just feel it’s necessary because I’m blunt and I care. People who want to understand, will see past the swearing and take no offense to it and instead gain the information that is being offered.

So, I’ve observed the way in which most people determine their self worth nowadays: The more followers and likes I have, the better of a person I am. Well, that’s unfortunate. What if no one followed you and no one liked the shit you post on social media? How would that make you feel? You probably would not be thinking “life is good” and then anxiety would come rain on your parade. You’re upset and anxious because you don’t get that dopamine rush like a drug addict gets their high. You cannot control who follows and likes your shit, you can only control how you feel about yourself.

People from all walks of life will like you regardless of what your life entails on social media because there are people who you will deeply resonate with without that kind of anxiety driven bullshit. You probably just haven’t met them yet because you are too busy depending on social media to do it for you and that’s obviously crap. If social media is doing more harm than good, get outside more often and meet new people or if you don’t like people, just go pet dogs.

I am a huge advocate of authenticity and self love. Write and do whatever you want but only if it makes YOU happy and comes from the heart. You’ll be amazed at the radiant energy you bring in when you fully embrace your authenticity and self love: happiness, creativity, badassery and good whole hearted values. When you are looking outside of yourself to determine your self worth, you attract what is not you: anxiety, depression, doubt and shitty values – “Ain’t no one got time for that”.

I’ve experienced seeking outside of myself to seek my self worth many times in many different situations and still deal with it every now and then but damn, I’m getting good at acknowledging it and doing what I can to give it the boot for good. See ya!

And what I’ve learned from this whole “seeking outside of myself to determine my self worth” is that I don’t participate in the follow for follow, follow/unfollow or like anyone’s post unless I really like it. It’s lame to the max and all it does is perpetuate the cycle of inauthentic behavior. If I really like you and what you write about, the follows and likes will come from the heart. Awww…..right? 🙂 However, understand that if I didn’t “like” it, it could be that I never got around to reading it. But regardless if I did or not, “liking” it shouldn’t matter, right? Cheers!


Photo: Me, admiring the warmth of my weatherized Vans, the beauty of snow and the big footprint nearby.




What Is Your Belief System Comprised Of?

Tenets that are constructive or destructive?

There are so many different belief systems out in the world, that as you get older, you start to wonder what you are truly conversant with and what really resonates with you, such as your philosophy in life and/or religion.

The minds of children are very fragile; they are super absorbent information sponges. Why? Because the critical faculty in the brain has not yet been built to protect the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious is the sacred treasure you hold within your mind, which is your belief system (memories, emotions, etc.). It’s home – with furniture. That’s why your childhood memories are much more salient than your adulthood memories. And I can guarantee your childhood memories will trump your adulthood memories, unless of course, there has been some damage to the limbic system in the temporal lobe part of the brain.

So, the critical faculty is the barrier between the conscious and subconscious part of your mind. It acts like a watchman, or security guard, to your subconscious mind. A perspective or idea you may encounter and easily comprehend with, as you are older, may be easily understood through the conscious part of your mind, but if it doesn’t resonate with the critical faculty (watchman), it’s not going into the subconscious mind to become family with your belief system. This is why people get hypnotized.

Hypnosis brings down the critical faculty, or rather, slips the watchman a “sleeping pill”. This is the easier way to hack into your subconscious mind; another way, which is much harder and we are most accustomed to, is through conscious habit.

When I think of habits, I think in terms of beating down the watchman repetitively until it has no choice but to allow entrance. We are creatures of habit, after all, so if you do something repetitively for a long period of time, it will become a part of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is automatic and much more powerful than the conscious mind. What your subconscious mind believes doesn’t feel the need to get your conscious mind involved with much anymore, because it doesn’t have to. You just do things without thinking about it. You don’t have to think about how to walk, how you are able to read this blog post, how to sleep, how to make your heart beat or how to get to work when you’ve done it so many times as when you first started. Your subconscious either takes over or it already had that ability when you were conceived. It’s at work 24/7. The only way to change these beliefs (and also another way to hack into the subconscious mind) is if there’s something very powerful trying to enter the subconscious mind that contradicts with what you currently believe in.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a relationship with someone you love and you believe they love you. That is until you find out they gave into some act of betrayal. What does this do to your current belief about the person’s love towards you? It changes at the drop of a hat, right? Can you really just brush it off so easily as if it never happened? Probably not. It takes a toll on your subconscious to where it can actually affect your heart beat. “Died from a broken heart” didn’t just come out of nowhere.

Something powerful, that contradicts with a current belief you have stored in your subconscious, has barged it’s way past the conscious mind to come face to face with the watchman with its heavy sword. You have no choice but to grant access right? That’s how I feel about everything we start to believe in as a young child. We are vulnerable to what comes marching into our subconscious to make itself at home because the watchman is not fully developed enough to do its job.

As we grow older, we can change most of these beliefs to what truly resonates with us, which is always for our higher good. So instead of allowing the act of betrayal to come marching into your subconscious to tear shit up and destroy, you have the ability to give it the boot. But as we all know, it’s never easy. And that’s because of what our belief system is comprised of. This includes our emotions, the furniture in our subconscious mind. You can change the furniture around to whatever you want. You can even cover it but you can never get rid of it. Allow it to be protected or be destroyed. That’s your choice.

We always have a choice of what we want to believe in and what we don’t but it takes a shit ton of courage and open mindedness. And that’s where meditation plays it’s vital role. It allows you to feng shui the furniture in your mind in order to make sense of everything.

Sometimes when I meditate, I just ask questions, not to myself but as if I’m asking someone else. Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone else a question, you tend to answer them yourself in your head with ease? But when you are being asked, your mind gets all jumbled? Funny how that works.

If you choose to understand what you’ve allowed your belief system to be comprised of and where it came from, ask questions but don’t try to answer. They will come at some point. Usually when you aren’t thinking about it. Kind of like when you are trying to think of a word or trying to remember something and nothing shows up. That is, until later when it pops up while you are busy doing something else, like changing diapers or folding your underwear. Ha!

So ask, what is constructive and what is destructive? What is your philosophy in life? What makes sense to you? Does it really resonate, or is it just something that bulldozed into your subconscious mind that is creating havoc and you want to evict? And what do you prefer your belief system to be comprised of?

I know what mine is. Cheers!


Photo: Taken by me at Rock Point, Arizona (Off Hwy 191)

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Were Ancient Philosophers Smoking Crack?


I’ve always been interested in learning about ancient philosophy, even though I feel that most of it is way above my intellectual caliber. There is just something interesting about the way in which everything works or perceived from an ancient philosophical standpoint. Is red really red? If so, what is the redness of red really like? It’s rather mind-blowing.

Studying philosophy during my undergrad years was a bit of a mindfuck. I really didn’t care about being educated on philosophy at the time because I was just trying to get through it to go to law school. I was advised by my community college advisor to study philosophy at the university I was transferring to because it has been shown that those who study philosophy score really high on the LSATs. After all, the LSATs are comprised of a lot of analytical thinking, and that’s what philosophy is all about. I would say that metalogic is the go to course if you want to up your game on taking the LSATs. That class is no joke.

I do love philosophy but I don’t like learning about it from formal education, and so I dropped out my senior year and decided that self education was more of my style and I actually learned more on my own. Dropping out of the university I attended was an expensive sunk cost but to me that’s fine, whatever. It’s just money, right? I just didn’t feel like I learned enough to receive a paper that said I was educated enough in philosophy to receive my bachelor’s degree. Plus I didn’t exactly pass predicate logic and epistemology with flying colors. I also didn’t have the motivation to go to law school anymore. My desire to be a lawyer just kind of skidaddled. But that’s ok, I’m just fine and dandy with my associate’s degree in Social and Behavioral sciences.

So while I was studying philosophy, there was a course on Ancient Greek philosophy that interested me. Some of the theories I read about were just perplexed and sometimes made me question my own intelligence. Two of the theories I understood easily and found to be really interesting were atomism and Zeno’s dichotomy paradox.

Atomism focuses on atoms and the void. Everything is made up of atoms, and what isn’t, is the void. Atoms are infinite, uncuttable and cannot merge with one another. They did not come into existence and cannot be destroyed. They are so small that they cannot be detected by the human eye. So it seems as if they are large in size when really they are tiny. So basically everything in the universe is made up of billions upon billions of atoms but we can only see them as whole and what we cannot see is the void. Interesting.

Zeno’s dichotomy paradox is about how getting from one place to another is impossible according to logic; motion is impossible. There’s always a halfway point to the destination. Once you get to the halfway point, there will always be a halfway point from there to the destination, and so on and so forth. So according to logic, the amount of halfway points are infinite. So, you’ll never get there, right? Wrong. Even though it appears to be infinite, the distance will still add up to when the destination is finally reached. We just don’t need to try and calculate it.

I thought, wow, how did these guys come up with this stuff and why? They must have been flying high on some kind of hallucinogenic substance. Whatever it was, even if it was just their good ole vast range of intellectual caliber peaking at the forefront of their mind, naturally, it was fascinating. Don’t you think?



My Purpose In Life

…is to help people.

Even though I’m new with blogging, I feel it’s what I’m supposed to do to help people in the long run and I genuinely love it. Things may not be super inspiring right now, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? So in order to help people, I have to travel to feed my soul because it’s what my heart wants. When you listen to your heart, your creativity blossoms and miracles happen; your soul is no longer encrusted with bullshit.

I was planning to go to the Grand Canyon yesterday but saw on the news that the weather conditions weren’t very good. So I felt this was a sign to stay on my path towards heading to the Four Corners. As I did, I was hit with so many epiphanies. The road I took was another long and lonely road but the views were amazing. Anytime I would notice something cool along the way, boom, another epiphany. I just couldn’t believe it. Everything I had experienced over the last 6 months made sense.

It took me over 4 hours to get to the Four Corners but it seemed much shorter. I was just so happy to be traveling, regardless of my financial situation. I actually teared up so many times since I left my sister’s house the other night because I felt like I was finally on the right path and serving my purpose in life. I felt free.

For the past 6 months, I went through a lot. I didn’t understand myself at all. I went through the dark night of the soul, which is a very lonely and depressing experience. I felt my life had no meaning. I didn’t understand anything. I had more than enough money, a loving boyfriend, and a nice apartment with lots of “stuff”. I pretty much had everything but none of it mattered to me for some reason and it scared me. I spent a good few months in isolation and depression.

That was the time when I should’ve started traveling but I didn’t. I stayed locked up in my apartment feeling sorry for myself with all the materialistic crap I didn’t care about. So yes, I do know what depression feels like and I’ve come to the conclusion that, in most cases, when you are depressed, it’s because you are not serving your authentic purpose in life. And from what I’ve experienced, it’s from the fear of having to step out of your comfort zone.

When the end of January came around, things changed. I knew I needed to leave the apartment instead of trying to find ways to pay for another month of depression since I refused to work another job that did not align with my self worth.

Leaving was a hard thing to do because it felt uncomfortable but I knew I needed to do it. After leaving, I thought I would be ok staying at my sister’s house. Nope. I still felt something was not right. I felt better but I still felt that something was missing and for some reason I couldn’t help but think about the ticking of time and how I was wasting it.

Then it came to me during meditation, which I cannot emphasize enough the importance of it daily. I needed to leave and travel regardless of my financial situation. I had enough to make a trip to the Four Corners which was 654 miles one way. I had about $250 in cash from the furniture I sold along with two mason jars full of change. I know $250 and some change may seem like a lot to travel with, but not when you have a Jeep. The looks I get when I pay gas with dimes and quarters is priceless.

Even though it’s been only a couple of days since I left, I’ve experience so many unbelievable things.

Right now, I’m typing this from a hotel room I didn’t even pay for with the cash I had. I kept receiving a lot of random emails from Swagbucks yesterday and thought this must be a sign from the Universe about why this is happening, and so I logged in. Well I had forgotten about the money I made from it, which went to my PayPal. Score! I used it for the hotel even when I was perfectly fine sleeping in my Jeep. The hotel room was only $20 and really nice. I couldn’t believe it. I felt it was the Universe rewarding me for finally hoping on the path and doing what I’m supposed to do in this life.

But just because this happened, I don’t expect everything to work out like this during my newly discovered purpose as I believe that the challenges I come across are the opportunities to grow as a person and humble me. I’ve allowed myself to stay open to whatever may come because when you do that you win either way, which means I’ll still accept the sweet rewards the Universe offers me, no doubt!

So I made it to the Four Corners, just in the nick of time. I honestly didn’t think I would make it in time for the day because the time was very close from when I left Williams, Arizona and I was concerned about the weather conditions but I made it without even rushing. I only asked for 15 minutes to see the place and I got 20. It was great because it wasn’t busy at all and I actually had the place to myself in the end. I almost felt like Santiago from The Alchemist traveling to see the pyramids, but it was me traveling to see the Four Corners. And now I truly TRULY believe that when you really want something, and it’s from the heart, the whole Universe will conspire to help you get it. Cheers!




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The Past Is the Past In the Past

…and that’s just where it needs to be.

It’s funny how we spend most of our waking hours either dwelling on the past or focusing on the future, but never staying in the present moment. It’s a constant battle.

I know it’s not easy to stay in the present moment because we all have been given the gift of emotions and memories. But if we put our emotions to the side for a moment, we can see that we have the choice to make better memories in the present moment instead of dwelling on what we can never get back.

So get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis and make some great memories for yourself, even if it’s just baby steps. It’s good for the soul and your future self will thank you. Cheers!


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Why Choose One Destination…

When you can choose from many at any given point?

I originally wanted to go straight to the Four Corners, but as I started driving, I realized that trying to get to that one destination is just crap. I did that twice last year; once to Duluth, Minnesota and the other to Abbotsford, British Columbia. What sucked is that I don’t remember much of the drive, even though I spent a good amount of time driving. I was so focused on my destination that I didn’t consider anything else along the way.

This morning as I went to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin, I thought, what the hell, just stay in the present moment, keep an open mind and enjoy the journey.

There were a few ways I could take to get to the Four Corners from where I started today. I decided to take the most uncomfortable looking and isolated road and wow, it was awesome. There was no traffic and nothing for miles. Then as I kept driving, I came up to Iron Mountain and saw this sweet sign pole on Hwy 62. Not only was it a sign pole, but I felt it was a sign for me. I picked up what the Universe was putting down real quick.


After I caught onto the message, I just laughed. I thought wow, well ok then, where to next? Lake Havasu City? Sure, why not! I drove through and it was beautiful. There was just so much to see but nothing that really stood out like the sign pole, so I kept going.

As I type this, I’m at a rest area! I thought it would be fun to do something different and pull out my MacBook and put my Hotspot to use!

I can’t explain how happy I am that I made this decision. I know it’s only the start and anything can happen, but I really am stoked about this adventure! And what’s crazy, is that this adventure is even more exciting because I don’t have a lot of money. Why? Because it forces me to really appreciate everything within the range of my senses and helps me to have more faith in myself and the kind of energy I want in my life. It also humbles me and challenges me to the max in order to gain mental strength and lose unnecessary fear. I love that! But anyways, I guess now I shall get back on the road for another couple of hours and see what else I come across. Cheers!

As a side note: That song Happy by Pharrell Williams started playing on the radio as I started typing the last paragraph. Coincidence? Nah. Synchronicity? Yep. Too funny!



Taking A Leap of Faith

As I mentioned in my last post, I figured out the missing piece of information I needed to get going on my journey.

Unfortunately, the timing was off. I wanted to prepare myself in order to fulfill my idea later this week but I felt everything happened much earlier and unprepared for a good reason.

So the idea that came to me during meditation was to take massive action by acting “as if”. For those who don’t know what this means, it’s basically to act as if whatever you want is already happening; kind of like playing pretend. But I don’t like to pretend, I like to do things for real. I wanted to travel and so guess what, I’m taking a leap of faith and doing it now!

As I type this up from my phone, while lying in the back seat of my Jeep about to go to sleep, I can’t help but notice how crazy the winds are outside. My Jeep is literally shaking all over! I’m sure I’ll be ok though.

So, I’m heading west to visit the Four Corners, which is a 10 hour drive. I don’t have much money but for some reason I feel like I need to go there and I’m not worried about getting there, which worries me. I feel relieved as if I should’ve done this much sooner but who knows, I may wake up confused because I had a very interesting day and still trying to process it all.

I went hiking with my sister to 3 different locations and was exhausted after the last one. On our way back to her house, we witnessed a motorcycle crash into the guard rail. We were the first to witness it and see if the guy was alive and he was. Shocked and upset about his bike but alive.

We got back to her house and as I looked at my bank account, something inside me told me I needed to leave. So me and my sister got into an argument and before I could take a shower after hiking all day, I left. So I’m here in my jeep feeling disgusting but happy I left. I can’t explain the feeling I had but I just felt that leaving was the right thing to do.

Of course I have no idea what the future holds for me and how I’ll be able to pay for this but for some reason, I’m not worried.

People would think I’m crazy because I’m going against logic. But I feel ok for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m finally listening to my heart. And I feel that when you listen to your heart, everything will start to align in your life to help you manifest what your heart desires, even when you don’t know how it will happen.

And so here I am about to sleep in my Jeep for the night in this crazy ass wind with no idea of how my life will unravel. I guess we shall see what happens. In the meantime, cheers!