The Difference Between Being Nice and Being Kind

Being nice and being kind are often misunderstood. People think they are the same thing when really, they aren’t. They are both virtues and I would prefer to be both nice and kind, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d prefer being kind.

The way I think of myself leans more towards being kind than nice because I can be rather blunt at times because it’s just who I am. But I don’t do anything to intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Sometimes it just comes off that way.

The difference between being nice and being kind is that being nice is expressed on the surface, whereas, being kind is expressed from beneath the surface.

Since I’m a big fan of people watching, I not only take interest in observing the way people interact with others, but how they interact with me. I’ve had friends in the past who “appeared” to be very nice. They’ve always said hi and gave off that “life is great” vibe.

I’ve also had friends who didn’t “appear” to really care about much about anyone. But when it came down to showing true acts of kindness, it was the ones who didn’t appear to really care much that stepped up to the plate. They’re the ones who have that naturally strong ability to sympathize with others.

I’m not saying everyone is either nice or kind, but I find that people generally lean towards one or the other because of the competing forces between our ego and intuition. It’s 5 times much easier to lean towards our ego because we are mortal beings and need to find ways to survive, even when we aren’t being chased by saber-toothed tigers.

If you are both nice and kind equally, I feel you are one of the rare and will get very far in this life. Your opposite, however, which is both mean and unkind, won’t get very far in this life at all. And if they do, it probably won’t be very good, and it will probably come back to haunt them.

If you are kind, other kind people will take notice. The ones who judge you by your appearance only are those who don’t align with your true value of kindness. Their inner vibration is more on a superficial level instead of an authentic level. They only look on the surface instead of the true value of what’s inside, therefore, they attract other people who are just like them and wonder why people don’t respect them.

Being nice only without that deeper level of compassion for others will surface at some point because what lies beneath the surface is much more powerful than what is shown on the surface.


Photo: The iceberg stock photo by Ralph Clevenger

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

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