Bye Bye Comfort Zone

The wonderful existence of magic appears in my life every time I step out of my comfort zone towards something I intuitively know I should be doing but have been held back by fear of the unknown. I just seem to forget the magic part.

The last 3 days have challenged me. I went from having a one bedroom apartment full of furniture and other crap to a suitcase and about 5 small to normal sized plastic tubs. I downsized once again in my life, by a lot.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether to really take massive action towards pursuing my passion because like most people, I wanted to stay in my comfort zone because I was scared. But for the last several months, I’ve really felt deep down inside that I needed to and I wanted it badly for so long. So it happened. The Universe granted my request. It was patient enough and then decided to stiff arm me out the door of my comfort zone.

The furniture wasn’t hard to let go, the issue with it was trying to find someone to buy it within 2-3 days max. And because I lived on the 3rd story with no elevator, I figure people would lose interest. I was stressed. But someone bought it and it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time!

The lady who bought it, Lori, was trying to move into a cottage by the lake but hadn’t been approved to move in yet when I talked to her on the phone so we weren’t sure she would be able to buy it. Plus, she wasn’t sure if the furniture would all fit. The next day she text me indicating that she was approved to move into the cottage but wasn’t sure how to get the furniture to her place because it was Super Bowl Sunday and we assumed people would rather watch that then help anyone move. But she found a couple of movers and they came over within the next hour and moved the furniture! It fit in her new place like a glove. It was perfect!

I gave her most of my possessions like dishes and appliances at no additional cost because I felt that it was good karma and material possessions can always be replaced. So because I gave her a lot of my stuff, she gave her stuff to an older friend, John, who was moving into her old place who didn’t have a lot of money. So it all worked out perfectly within a couple of days.

The one thing that was very, VERY difficult for me was to give up my cat, Libra. I had grown a very special bond with her and the thought of never seeing her again made me breakdown. She was there for me the last several months while I was going through some major issues in my life, like my breakup with J and my experience with the dark night of the soul. I didn’t want to give her to the animal shelter because I felt she was such an awesome and loving cat, that she deserved the best in life and should be in a good home. The thought of putting her in a shelter didn’t feel right. So I asked Lori if she knew anyone who would care for my cat, and what do you know, John adopted her!


I couldn’t believe how everything worked out perfectly within 2 days! All three of us helped each other out. I helped Lori out with the furniture and most of my possessions, she helped John out by giving him her possessions and John helped me out by adopting my cat! Both Lori and I were amazed by how everything just fell into place and we decided to keep in touch.

Cleaning up the apartment on the 3rd day was a breeze. However, I assumed I would have to take two trips to my sisters house to drop off my stuff because I had to bring over a 48″ tv that my sister bought from me. When I first purchased the tv, it took up the whole back end! But I just so happened to look at the front seat passenger side headrest and remove it. Everything fit into my jeep like I had nailed a difficult level in Tetris in one try. I thought, “Wow, how the hell did I manage to get all this shit in here without struggle?!” Magic!

I was a bit nervous when returning my keys to the leasing office but nope, it worked out smoothly. I was there for 5 minutes. I said goodbye to the apartment complex I had been living in for about a year and headed out without looking back. It was a bit emotional but it needed to happen.

On my way to my sister’s I just couldn’t help but feel how everything worked out in my favor, almost effortlessly. The hard part of it all was dwelling on the last minute changes and letting go of Libra. But I just knew that all of this had to be done because like I’ve mentioned, deep down I wanted it badly. Libra is now helping someone else because her time with me has been completed, which helps me to move on.

As I think of everything that has aligned for me to move out of my apartment in the last few days, I realize that I’m on the right path towards pursuing my passion or gift, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post. Everything seems new and unfamiliar but the more I keep going, the better it will get. In order to keep going, I need to keep stepping out of my comfort zone when my intuition advises me to.

So now that famous quote from The Alchemist sticks with me more often throughout the day: “And when you want something… all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” And so it does. Cheers!


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