Everyone is Extraordinary

Yes, everyone is extraordinary. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes it nor do they search for what it is that makes them extraordinary.

There’s this whole concept that if everyone is extraordinary then extraordinary would lose it’s meaning and, therefore, not exist. I understand the contrasting points in that concept but that general statement is bullshit.

That just means that if everyone is extraordinary, then who would be ordinary in order to make us all extraordinary? Well not everyone is going to be extraordinary at the same thing. I feel we are all given at least one specific gift in life. There may be others who have more than one but it doesn’t matter because once they find one, they won’t feel the need to search for any others. The gift is just too grandiose. But regardless of who has one or more, we were all given one. Therefore, we all have a journey to take towards finding whatever this gift is and show it off to the world. However, the only thing standing in our way, is fear.

Before you were conceived, you had to enroll in the course of life. This requires you to learn as you go in order to achieve something, therefore, your life has a purpose. If you are reading this, you have been given a specific gift that surpasses most people on Earth. Your job is to find it. And you’ll know without a doubt what it is when you find it. You won’t have to come up with logical reasons why this particular gift belongs to you, you’ll just know no matter what kind of bullshit obstacles comes lurking about. It’s a feeling based on intuition, and we are all born with intuition. But because it’s very subtle compared to our ego, we need to pay close attention.

You’ll be a natural at whatever it is and you can be yourself. No pretending. If you have to pretend in any way or force things to happen, it’s not for you and so you must let it go and move on. Your true gift will feel effortless because you’re a natural at it. However, it doesn’t mean it will come easy. Obstacles towards finding this gift will show up. It has to because without pain, there’s no gain.

I’ve accepted that I suck at a lot of things in life. I know there are many things that I’m just not good at. I’ve tried many times but was just not naturally good at certain things like drawing, painting, bartending or working in customer service. I failed miserably at all of them and allowed my failures to bruise my ego. I realized later on that I truly never wanted to be good at any of them anyways. Why should I spend my valuable waking hours trying to be good at something I really don’t care about when I can just focus my time on finding something I am a natural at so I can really start living? I wasn’t meant to be put on this earth to chase something that has no value in my future and neither were you.

When trying to find your extraordinary gift, keep in mind that it’s all about the journey and not the destination. When you are enjoying the journey, knowing you have a specific gift waiting for you, it will be such a glorifying moment once you finally find it. You’ll look back at the progress you’ve made. The more struggling you did during the journey results in a more sweeter victory.

The challenges, the failures and feelings of defeat will surface throughout, but it’s up to us to acknowledge that we have the free will to push through them. I personally feel that the stronger a person’s willpower is, the more obstacles they will get in life. The Universe will only give you what you can handle, so if life throws you obstacles left and right, consider it a compliment.

via Daily Prompt: Enroll

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