What My Blog Is and Isn’t About

I figured now would be the best time to explain what my blog is and isn’t about in order to prevent people from becoming bewildered towards the content that I publish.

What my blog is about:

My life. Duh. 😉 It’s about the good, the bad, the setbacks I deal with and how I push forward. I am an advocate of stoicism and to me it is by far the most useful type of philosophy a human can put to use when life gets real ugly. It can be a bit perplexed but I’ll try to simplify it the best way I can anytime I incorporate it into my posts. After all, I’m all about keeping things simple. It’s the stoic way.

I consider myself to be a kind person and when I’m nice, I’m authentic about it. I don’t fake the funk. However, sometimes I can be blunt to where it may come off as offensive because sugarcoating the truth doesn’t help anyone learn. All it does is allow people to be comfortable with a false reality and that’s not the stoic way.

I also want to share some random ideas and help inspire people to gain mental strength in any way I can. I feel mental strength is especially needed in this day in age where social media and modern technology have caused many to fall victim to instant gratification, thereby, creating the prevalence of anxiety. But in order to do any of this, I feel I need to be tested in the ugly pit of life every now and then in order to maintain that mental strength. I supposed we can say that I’m taking one for the team.

And since I’m new to blogging, I’d like to share my growth and hiccups along the way because there’s a lot for me to learn.

What my blog isn’t about:

Traveling and taking photos of it. My blog is about a journey through life, not a journey through traveling. However, I do plan to travel, but for the main purpose of inspiration towards my writing. I will probably post a couple of photos here and there about something I feel may be of relevance to the post or of interest to others.

I do think it’s great that people have travel blogs, but there’s enough people doing that nowadays. Plus, I feel travel blogs are more prone to causing people to become more envious than inspired and that’s not what I’m about. I don’t want anyone to envy my lifestyle, I want to help people master their own.

So with that said, I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope it will be of some benefit to you in some way, anytime you need it. If it doesn’t, that’s ok, I have already accepted that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Cheers!

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