Changing Up My Eating Regimen

Two years ago, I did an experiment for 3 months to see whether or not a certain eating regimen would change the way I feel energetically. And to my surprise, it did. But not only that, it created other benefits for me. So what did I do?

I became a vegan.

As of right now, I’m a carnivore because I just love chicken, pork, steak and seafood. Also because I have an extremely fast metabolism, which I’ll explain later. But with the changes I’m going through right now, I’m leaning towards veganism again.

First of all, I respect PETA and everyone who abstains from the use of any animal products. However, that’s not why I am leaning towards veganism.

I understand the ethical reasons for being a vegan. I don’t like to use any kind of animal products for various reasons, but in reality, as far as food is concerned, plants are living organisms just like animals. They are just lower on the food chain pyramid, if there even is one. If I didn’t have to eat in order to live, I’d obviously be a full on vegan for sure.

When I started out with becoming a vegan, diet wise, I did it cold turkey. It was really uncomfortable for the first month because my body was detoxing and I just didn’t know what the hell to eat. I did a lot of research and mostly stuck with lots of veggies, rice, potatoes, and fruits. I also switched from cow’s milk to coconut milk and soy milk. To this day I still consume both coconut milk and soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

I couldn’t believe how much energy I had, how fast and clear my thinking was, how positive my mood was all the time and how clear my skin became. I noticed a glow about it and thought it was awesome. But I also noticed how much weight I lost because the more I ate healthy, the faster my metabolism got. I needed to consume about 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day to maintain a balanced weight without looking like Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. At the time, I was very physically active in my job as well as in the gym so I was burning a lot of calories. I just had so much energy, I kept burning more. My metabolism skyrocketed during these 3 months.

So if you are looking to lose weight and increase your metabolism, I insist on trying out the vegan regimen for about a month. It takes about a week or two for your body to adjust to the changes because your body is trying to detox from any of the harmful animal hormones and other crap you’ve been consuming. However, you will need to supplement your diet with vitamin B-12 because you cannot find much from sources other than animals.

The primary reason why I went back to becoming a carnivore was because I needed to gain my weight back. It was also nice to eat meat again because well I just love bacon. But once I did go back, I noticed that all the benefits I gained through being vegan for 3 months started to disappear. I didn’t have the same amount of energy, I had brain fog, my mood was not as energetic and my skin wasn’t as clear anymore. And from that point on, I haven’t felt or noticed any of those benefits that I had massively gained during that time as a vegan.

I’m still doing great with my current eating regimen because I know better to not eat processed crap and other forms of junk, but I definitely don’t feel anywhere near as energized as I did when I was vegan.

Right now, as my life is transitioning in a major way, I need all the energy I can get. So I’ve decided to partake in leaning towards veganism once again. I don’t want to go cold turkey like I did last time. I would rather take my time and really try to find more foods that I can eat in order to maintain my weight once my metabolism skyrockets again. Because really, that was the only problem I had with being vegan, besides not being able to eat bacon!

As far as consuming chicken, pork, steak, and seafood, I feel that I can still enjoy them but very rarely. I guess I wouldn’t be considered a vegan but rather more of an omnivore. It all confuses me, but whatever, you can call me an omnomnomnivore. It doesn’t matter, they’re just labels.

I’d just like to maintain a nice balance, so I feel there’s no need to completely deprive myself of the foods I generally enjoy. And I’m always open to change to see if I can find something that is more efficient in my life. I guess we shall see how this new eating regimen works out for me. Cheers!


Photo: Omnomnomnivore by Aled and Abigail Lewis via Threadless

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3 thoughts on “Changing Up My Eating Regimen

  • My daughter also went full on vegan and I am not sure if she is occasionally splurging but this read makes sense as to why she is so skinny all the time. Thanks for posting this its a good read and i have had thoughts of becoming a vegan also but it can be an expensive lifestyle 🤔😝

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  • Best of luck to you. I hope you’ll post your progress as this is of great interest to me. Like you, I do enjoy meats (and cheeses) and (nitrate-free) bacon and try to consume less of them, but give them up completely? Well that sounds rather daunting except I love the benefits you shared — glowing skin, more energy, no brain fog. Perhaps attempting it in the baby steps perspective of “just for today” will get me there. Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way, which led me to yours.

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    • Anytime!
      I’m wanting to go back to becoming vegan again because I really did feel great. It gave me that feeling like all my energy was coming from clean resources, which it was but I could actually feel it. I was always alert, energized and not only did I feel great, but I was experiencing a lot of great things in my life.
      I’ve stayed with the same eating regimen when I posted this but I think you may have inspired me to really try to go full on vegan again! 🙂


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