Simple Acts of Kindness

As I was journaling earlier, I thought of my friend, Matt, who is quite possibly one of the most nicest and humbling guys I know, especially for what he does for a living.

About a couple of months ago, he had posted something on his Facebook that didn’t shock me at all about his personality but the message in his post really moved me. It moved me so much that I remembered today, randomly.

Matt was at an airport waiting for his flight. As he was waiting, he noticed that a young woman had dropped her Starbucks drink, spilling it all over the place. Instead of just watching her clean it up on her own, like most people would do, he offered to help her  clean it up and buy her a new drink.

As he went to buy her drink at Starbucks, he noticed that the man who was making the drinks was having a rough time. There were people who kept taking the wrong drinks, so he had to remake them. This caused the line to back up.

Matt noticed that the man had a slight accent and asked where he’s from. The man said Ethiopia, which is a country Matt had visited and knew very well. Later on, as it was finally Matt’s turn to receive the drink he ordered from the man, Matt thanked the man in Amharic, which is the official language of Ethiopia. This caused the man’s face to light up with a smile. Matt then returned with the newly made drink to the woman who had spilled hers and her face lit up with a smile as well.

When I read this post, I immediately thought, “Wow, Matt, we need more people like you on this Earth.” I feel that Matt’s simple acts of kindness not only helped these two people but helped others. He put these two people in such a good mood that, if you think about it, had an impact towards the people they encountered that day.

I feel it’s really hard to find people like Matt nowadays. Everyone seems to be so greedy and selfish. If only people could realize that even the most simplest acts of kindness can go a long way, like holding the door open for someone. You’d be surprised how even something as simple as that can have a positive impact not only on their day, but yours and others as well.

If there’s anything I could suggest to anyone, it’s that any chance you receive kindness from someone, pay it forward in some way. Cheers!


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