Happy Valentine’s Day

As an optimist, I think it’s a great day for people to get into the loving spirit. However, I think this day sends out the wrong message.

Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday because it doesn’t correlate with the history behind it except maybe the color red. But even though it’s a Hallmark holiday, I do enjoy looking at the pretty colors and all the creativity presented in flower arrangements and gifts.

So why do I say this day sends out the wrong message? I feel most people are seeking and expecting love in the wrong way. It doesn’t surprise me that most people who dislike or are saddened by this holiday are those who are single.

Are you kidding me?!?! This is a great day to be single! When you have to be with or seek someone else to feel love, you are co-dependent and needy. And who is attracted to those who are co-dependent and needy? Not me. The only person you should seek love from, is yourself. Everyone else should only be viewed as a bonus.

With all the new radical and exciting changes in my life, sprinkled with some adversity, I made a pact with myself to really focus on self love until it becomes a strong and prominent subconscious marker. I don’t plan on getting involved with anyone else because I’m primarily focused on my own shit. Of course, I won’t turn away someone I may be interested in, but I also won’t make them my world by giving them all the attention they may want. And this is healthy.

Anytime you can get involved with someone romantically and enjoy your time with them while remaining focused on yourself and being completely ok if they ever leave, you’re independent. It’s not that you are cold hearted, you just understand the importance of showing compassion while remaining non-attached. People who can master their own mind understand this very well because in all reality, compassion creates great experiences but no one (or thing for that matter) will ever truly be yours, but yourself. So show yourself lots of love not just today, but every day. Cheers!




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