Using Meditation As A Reset Button

The last few days have been pretty overwhelming for me due to the solar eclipse. I could go into detail about why the moon phases have a huge impact on me, but I’ll blog about that, along with my spiritual awakening, at a different time, when I’m ready to share.

So this morning while enjoying my cup of coffee, I remembered to read yesterday and today’s Daily Stoic, since I forgot yesterday. What I read today is just what I needed to read and be reminded of: the present moment.

I have a lot of decisions to make, which require courage. They are all pretty simple from a present moment perspective but when I think in terms of logic instead of faith, I make them out to be harder than they need to be. I fall back into the habit of getting too much inside my head and focusing on what I want in the future (because I’m not experiencing it now) but not really continuing the “massive action” I need to take in order for it to become my present reality. This creates internal conflict and anxiety; the kind of bullshit no one needs to have in their life.

I understand and know what I need to do but sometimes I just forget and become stagnant. It’s so easy to fall into old habits because, after all, old habits die hard. This is where meditation plays a huge role. When I focus too much on the past or future, unnecessary complexity starts to unravel itself. My mental strength, courage and all the other useful info I already know, fly right out the window. But once I start to meditate, it resets my internal equilibrium to the present moment and I regain all that useful knowledge back. Everything becomes clear again and I can start to simplify what I can do in the present moment, because that’s all we really ever have.

We never experience the future nor the past. When we try, we usually experience negative emotions and waste our time. Some people may think we experience the future when we initially create a thought and it manifests into our physical reality. But when you think about it, when it does manifest, it’s not the future because you are experiencing it in the present moment.

When I meditate, I don’t make myself do it for a ridiculous amount of time because I’m not ready for it yet. I start simple and what I’m comfortable doing. I don’t sit in a certain position either, I do what’s comfortable.

I feel that most people recommend too much time for meditation in the beginning. That’s like telling someone they should squat 500lbs when they’ve never experienced a squat with weights before. So I feel it’s a good idea to start small and work your way up, even if it’s for 1-2 minutes. Just like the body, the mind will pick up on the habits and become stronger as you work on it without overworking it.

So I feel that any time I start to consciously notice I’m straying away from the present moment, I just focus on breathing in the good shit and out with the bullshit for several minutes. And because I did so today at various times, the missing piece of information I needed to continue on my journey has been revealed and I’m both excited and scared as shit! I’ll post about it soon, so stay tuned. Cheers!


via Daily Prompt: Courage


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