Taking A Leap of Faith

As I mentioned in my last post, I figured out the missing piece of information I needed to get going on my journey.

Unfortunately, the timing was off. I wanted to prepare myself in order to fulfill my idea later this week but I felt everything happened much earlier and unprepared for a good reason.

So the idea that came to me during meditation was to take massive action by acting “as if”. For those who don’t know what this means, it’s basically to act as if whatever you want is already happening; kind of like playing pretend. But I don’t like to pretend, I like to do things for real. I wanted to travel and so guess what, I’m taking a leap of faith and doing it now!

As I type this up from my phone, while lying in the back seat of my Jeep about to go to sleep, I can’t help but notice how crazy the winds are outside. My Jeep is literally shaking all over! I’m sure I’ll be ok though.

So, I’m heading west to visit the Four Corners, which is a 10 hour drive. I don’t have much money but for some reason I feel like I need to go there and I’m not worried about getting there, which worries me. I feel relieved as if I should’ve done this much sooner but who knows, I may wake up confused because I had a very interesting day and still trying to process it all.

I went hiking with my sister to 3 different locations and was exhausted after the last one. On our way back to her house, we witnessed a motorcycle crash into the guard rail. We were the first to witness it and see if the guy was alive and he was. Shocked and upset about his bike but alive.

We got back to her house and as I looked at my bank account, something inside me told me I needed to leave. So me and my sister got into an argument and before I could take a shower after hiking all day, I left. So I’m here in my jeep feeling disgusting but happy I left. I can’t explain the feeling I had but I just felt that leaving was the right thing to do.

Of course I have no idea what the future holds for me and how I’ll be able to pay for this but for some reason, I’m not worried.

People would think I’m crazy because I’m going against logic. But I feel ok for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m finally listening to my heart. And I feel that when you listen to your heart, everything will start to align in your life to help you manifest what your heart desires, even when you don’t know how it will happen.

And so here I am about to sleep in my Jeep for the night in this crazy ass wind with no idea of how my life will unravel. I guess we shall see what happens. In the meantime, cheers!


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