Self Worth Is Not Determined By Followers or Likes

Unless you want it to be.

True self worth is determined by how you feel about yourself not what others feel or appear to feel about you. It’s called self worth because it deals with the self. Otherwise, it would be called “what others think about me” worth.

I’m inspired to spread ideas that may help people live a better life because it truly makes me happy. But what really throws me off is receiving likes and followers who I feel don’t even read my shit or is interested in what I have to write about. I know many do, and that’s great! Heck, don’t follow me and like what I write but if it inspires and helps you in any way, that’s all I want.

As a side note: I’m not about trying to obtain as many followers and likes as possible that are meaningless and “fake”. That’s not how I roll. I also try to be mindful and not swear most of the time but sometimes, I just feel it’s necessary because I’m blunt and I care. People who want to understand, will see past the swearing and take no offense to it and instead gain the information that is being offered.

So, I’ve observed the way in which most people determine their self worth nowadays: The more followers and likes I have, the better of a person I am. Well, that’s unfortunate. What if no one followed you and no one liked the shit you post on social media? How would that make you feel? You probably would not be thinking “life is good” and then anxiety would come rain on your parade. You’re upset and anxious because you don’t get that dopamine rush like a drug addict gets their high. You cannot control who follows and likes your shit, you can only control how you feel about yourself.

People from all walks of life will like you regardless of what your life entails on social media because there are people who you will deeply resonate with without that kind of anxiety driven bullshit. You probably just haven’t met them yet because you are too busy depending on social media to do it for you and that’s obviously crap. If social media is doing more harm than good, get outside more often and meet new people or if you don’t like people, just go pet dogs.

I am a huge advocate of authenticity and self love. Write and do whatever you want but only if it makes YOU happy and comes from the heart. You’ll be amazed at the radiant energy you bring in when you fully embrace your authenticity and self love: happiness, creativity, badassery and good whole hearted values. When you are looking outside of yourself to determine your self worth, you attract what is not you: anxiety, depression, doubt and shitty values – “Ain’t no one got time for that”.

I’ve experienced seeking outside of myself to seek my self worth many times in many different situations and still deal with it every now and then but damn, I’m getting good at acknowledging it and doing what I can to give it the boot for good. See ya!

And what I’ve learned from this whole “seeking outside of myself to determine my self worth” is that I don’t participate in the follow for follow, follow/unfollow or like anyone’s post unless I really like it. It’s lame to the max and all it does is perpetuate the cycle of inauthentic behavior. If I really like you and what you write about, the follows and likes will come from the heart. Awww…..right? 🙂 However, understand that if I didn’t “like” it, it could be that I never got around to reading it. But regardless if I did or not, “liking” it shouldn’t matter, right? Cheers!


Photo: Me, admiring the warmth of my weatherized Vans, the beauty of snow and the big footprint nearby in Williams, Arizona.




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