Think You Have Bad Luck?

Think again.

I’ve dealt with my fair share of adversity in life just like everyone else. I also understand there are many other people in the world who “appear” to have it worse than I. They don’t just experience adversity, they experience Adversity. Get what I’m trying to put down? These people who “appear” to have or be going through some very challenging times in their life are what I would consider to have true luck and are offered blessings in disguise. Why? Because of the perspectives I choose to acknowledge and believe in.

From what I have experienced throughout my life, I went through some rather unusual circumstances that made people who know me, think I was either bad luck or cursed. In fact, I had been told by several people that I’m “negative”, have “bad energy” and I’m “bad luck”. That’s because I chose to do what I felt was ethical, do what I felt was the right thing to do and explain things from a Stoic standpoint.

Many of the things I’ve done and said never appeared to be of value because the value of it was always hidden; only the right kind of perspective would be able to uncover it. But of course, with the way in which most people perceive life, in order to protect their own ideology, allowed them to judge me in a not so optimistic and understanding way. Basically, I felt their homeostasis of perspectives and open mindedness were at a low point.

Of course, I took things personally because I allowed it to. I didn’t know any better. However, now that I’m aware and understand myself more, I just let it be because I understand the power of our thoughts and what we choose to believe in. I also understand that the people who portrayed me to have bad energy and bad luck are people who are close minded, fearful and lack the understanding of perspectives, as I’ve previously mentioned. I don’t feel any kind of animosity towards them, I just hope maybe one day they allow their minds to stay open and allow their perspectives to change, like they have for me.

The only way bad luck exists, is if you allow it to. You are what you allow yourself to believe in. I’ve acknowledged a black cat crossing my path from right to left, and have picked up an American penny and an old Canadian penny tails side up when I found them. I don’t allow these “bad luck” superstitions or what not to justify how my life will entail because I know I do what I need to do to be a good person and that’s all that matters. It’s so easy to allow ourselves to feel fearful when something happens or we think something will happen to us or someone else that we would label as “bad” and “unfortunate”. That’s only because we are mortal beings and understand pain and suffering. But, of course, that’s all perspective.

When I think about myself during the times I feel “unlucky”, I think about parents who do things for their young child as a form of tough love, like make them brush their teeth and take a bath. The child may not understand the value of brushing their teeth and taking a bath because they choose to perceive these kinds of things as an inconvenience. They may kick and scream or try to prevent doing them in any way but the parents make them do it because they understand the true value that the child fails to see. I can go on about teenagers, but I’ll leave it be with the younger child.

That’s just how I perceive the Universe – as our parent. It wants the best for us but if we don’t allow ourselves to understand perspectives, we cannot see the benefits. As adults, we just go about our days thinking the world will congregate against us when things don’t go our way. We “kick and scream” thinking we are cursed, have bad luck and so on. We pray to be let go of the pain we endure like a child pleads its parents to find it in their hearts to not make them brush their teeth and take a bath. But again, it’s all perspective. It’s also about what we should consider when understanding perspective.

Wonder why someone stole something from you? Think about how you may have stolen something from someone before that you may have forgotten about or failed to acknowledged that what you did was some form of theft. Even though you may think you got away with it, think again. The Universe will always find a way to smack your hand and make you repay that karmic debt, sometimes ten-fold. But instead of getting angry, all you have to say is, “Touché, Universe, touché” keep that lesson in the forefront of your mind and move on. If you don’t, don’t be surprised when reoccurring patterns emerge. Just be a good person and do good things. It’s that simple.

So anytime something doesn’t go your way and you think you have bad luck, change your perspective first. You may see that it’s actually a blessing in disguise or quite possibly a karmic debt you owe. Cheers!


Photo: The Wheel of Fortune indicates that life WILL throw challenges your way, but it’s up to you to decide whether you acknowledge them as bad luck (The Tower) or resilience (Strength). Your perspective, your choice.

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