Get Rid of That Writer’s Block Nonsense

Seriously, there’s a way and it’s right in front of you, you’re just blocking it and don’t even know it.

If you are getting writer’s block, it’s because you’re closing yourself off to your own creativity. Not only that, you’re probably making things worse by trying too hard.

When I think about wanting to write about something, but nothing is coming up or what does come up, sounds like trash, I automatically acknowledge that my mind is just not in alignment and flowing with that sweet creative jungle juice. I let it go and move on. I don’t try to guess how long it will be because really, it’s out of my control, like most things in life.

Can’t write anything for a few days, cool. I’ll just do something else completely unrelated. For example, I’ll look at the ginormous sweet dvd collection my sister and brother in law have and try to figure out what movies I like and set aside the ones I’ve never seen before. It gets me all hyped up and I feel good about it, even though I may not watch anything. It’s all about getting your mind off something you want to happen by feeling good about something else.

Trying to force something that just causes you to get into a frustrated funk is like your kid bothering you for candy after you said no or a girlfriend/boyfriend who’s all up in your business texting you on your whereabouts when you’re legitimately busy. When they keep bugging, how does that make you feel? Annoyed, right? You feel they’re being needy and you’re just not wanting to give into their ways at all. When they don’t bug and do something else, how does that make you feel? Different, right? When they leave you alone and do something else, you’re more likely to have a change of heart and give your kid candy and respond to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

That’s the way energy works. When you try to force something that’s not meant to happen when you want it to, you’re needy and create resistance. It’s only when you let it go and do something completely unrelated when it will come back to you with open arms.

Try it sometime. Cheers!

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