The Power of A Penny

Money, like love, has very powerful energies embedded into them. The difference between the two, is that you can see money and you know what it looks like in the material world, regardless of what country it’s from; but with love, you can’t see what love looks like, but rather, you can feel it without physically touching anything.

Despite their differences, we know how powerful they both are in their own way. We can both feel and see what money and love do for us and depending on how we treat them, will mirror right back at us. We always have the option to choose.

I want to explain the power of a penny through my recent experiences and the perspective I’ve gained that threw the piss poor relationship I’ve had with money for years, in the garbage. I’ll blog about my previous relationship with money and how it affected me big time in another blog.

I’ve also had my fair share of piss poor relationships with love too and the perspective I’ve gained from that as well, but of course that’s for another blog sometime down the road.

So, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, like Taking A Leap of Faith and What Will February Bring Me? I didn’t have much money. In fact, my bank account was overdrawn by $300 when I traveled over 600 miles one way to the Four Corners a week ago and got up to $500 overdrawn because creditors kept trying to take money out of my account, in which my bank charged me $35 per transaction. Shitty, right? Yes. I’ve never been in that situation before, not even close. But the reason that happened was because I held the same crappy, closed off perspective about money even though I tried not to worry about it. You will only truly worry less, once you have gained the right perspective.

It was only when I found a penny, tails side up on the ground, when my perspective started to change and money started gravitating back to me.

About a few weeks ago, after I moved out of my apartment, I went to return a cable modem back to the company it belonged to. As I’m walking down my sister’s driveway to get into my Jeep, I find a penny on the ground tails side up. As most people fear, picking up a penny tails side up is bad luck. I didn’t care and picked it up anyways and put it in my wallet because at that point, I was so broke, I appreciated anything I’d find.

I thought I was going to have to pay some stupid amount to return the cable modem because I didn’t fulfill the contract agreement, which I believe ends in April of this year. To my surprise, I didn’t. In fact, not only did I not have to pay any fees, but the amount due from the previous month was cut in half. So instead of paying over $100 in dues/fees, I was only charged $26. That, of course, saved me a lot of money.

Next, as I’m on my trip to the Four Corners, I stopped at Walmart to grab some trail mix with the cash I had. As I’m going to the self checkout, I find a Canadian penny tails side up right next to the scanning part of the checkout. I thought that was really cool, and was stoked about it. I took it and put it into my wallet. I noticed that the rest of the drive I did that day did not require me to spend anymore money on gas or food. It’s almost as if my gas tank had an infinite amount of fuel and the trail mix I bought kept me satisfied for the rest of the day.

I was a little worried when I came up to Williams, Arizona that day, as it had just snowed there and the temperature was way colder than I could handle sleeping in my Jeep. I wanted to save as much money as I could and thought for sure hotel rooms would be expensive but decided it wouldn’t hurt to look anyways. I found one instantly for $35 and took a chance. The room was awesome and the hot shower I haven’t had in days was awesom-er. I was much grateful for it and it perked me up big time for my continuing adventure to the Four Corners.

The next day, I was perfectly ok to sleep in my Jeep for the next couple of days, but Swagbucks kept sending me random emails that day. Because I kept an open mind, I felt it was a sign and so I checked it out. I found out that I had money in my PayPal account from it which was more than enough to pay for another hotel in a completely different location. It was the cheapest I’ve ever paid for a hotel room. The trippy part was that it was nicer than a lot of the hotels I’ve stayed at that cost over $100 a night and I only paid $20 a night! I stayed two nights because I was just so stoked about the whole trip, the cost of the room and because the room I was in was awesome! The continental breakfast was outstanding as well!

I was just so happy and grateful for everything that the second night I stayed in the hotel, I found out that the money I’m supposed to receive from my tax return was going to be deposited into my bank account the next day! I had been waiting to find out since mid January. I was beyond stoked because that meant I could continue to do more traveling. However, my sister text me asking if I planned to come back because she wanted to go hiking and I knew deep down she was worried about me.

As much as I wanted to continue traveling because I now had extra money to do so, I felt that I needed to make amends with my sister after the argument we had before I left and so I headed back to her house. The hike we did was amazing. It was a 7.5 mile hike on the Sunset Peak Trail near Mt. Baldy.

Finally, yesterday. I took my Jeep to get an oil change. I didn’t want to wait in the waiting room so I decided to walk over to Starbucks to grab a cup off coffee. As I’m walking through the huge empty parking lot, guess what? I stumble across a penny on the ground, tails side up. I laughed and again was so stoked about it! I thought maybe I should turn it over heads side up and put it back down, but instead I took it and put it into my wallet. As I walked back with my coffee, I couldn’t help but to keep looking around the parking lot for another penny. Of course I didn’t find anymore and realized that it doesn’t work that way. The random penny will always find a way to show up on your path when you least expect it, not when you are trying to find them.

So later that day, after I had forgotten about the penny I found, my brother in law hands me a letter from the gas company. I didn’t think much of it and somewhat remembered that I didn’t owe anything when I stopped the service. But to my surprise, when I opened it, there was a check. I had been credited back with interest for a deposit I made when I first opened the account last year. I had completely forgotten about it!

As I sat there looking at the check with disbelief and amazement, I remembered about the penny I had picked up earlier in the day.

The perspective I gained from these experiences:

Even though a penny may seem like nothing to most people, the energy embedded in it is powerful. Most people will see a penny on the ground and totally dismiss it because they perceive it as worthless and/or think it’s bad luck if it’s tails side up, but will pick up a $100 bill, regardless of how it looks, no problem. People will even fight other people for it.

In general, a penny has the same type of potent energy that an American $100 bill has. Yes, you will be able to buy more with the $100 bill but the attraction you gain from both the $100 and a penny are equally the same because they represent the same thing: money. But the way in which you treat them is how it’s reflected back at you.

This is kind of like how your worth may be compared with a celebrity of some sort. People may see the celebrity’s worth as the $100 bill but you as a penny. However, you and the celebrity are both humans with the same kind of human potential. You may appear to be the penny but by allowing yourself to understand and seek your full human potential, you are worth one hundred million pennies, and that’s more than the $100 bill any day.

Now, anytime I see a penny anywhere I go, regardless if it’s heads or tails, I get excited about it and pick it up because I know right way that it’s an opportunity for me to receive more of it’s powerful energy.

So, if you just happen to stumble across a penny at a random time, pick it up and get excited!


Photo: The 3 pennies I found this month


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