Manifesting An Ex Back Into Your Life

…is not recommended.

An ex of mine from years ago attempted to contact me the other night. I don’t check social media anymore and he didn’t know my number so he went through my younger sister on Facebook to get ahold of me.

At first, I was concerned because my younger sister said he sounded like it was really urgent and gave her his number. But when I contacted him, it wasn’t urgent whatsoever and let’s just say I stopped responding to him.

Then last night, I came across a random Youtube video on my feed about how to attract a specific person, like an ex, into your life. Why the hell did this video show up on my feed? I don’t remember watching anything even closely related to this. Oh wait, I did watch some videos on manifestation. Interesting.

I couldn’t believe how many views this video had and how many people were so interested in attracting specific people in their life, mostly their ex. Then I remembered how I actually manifested an ex, other than the one who bothered me the other night, back into my life a few years ago. And now, I wish I had known better because of what happened. This got the wheels in my head spinning.

Everyone is born with free will. Trying to manifest a specific person is an attempt to invade and manipulate their free will, which is bad karma. It is also a sign of mental weakness and co-dependency.

When I did manifest an ex, it ended badly. He really didn’t want to try to work things out but felt he needed to try anyways and gave back into the already broken relationship. If I knew what I know now, I would’ve left things alone when we broke up the first time. But I was so co-dependent and very mentally weak at that time that I wanted him back so badly, no matter what.

When we got back together, we ended up doing more damage to each other the second time around. And now, karma has shown up. Time to pay the piper.

I don’t want to get back with any ex boyfriends, but they seem to have been showing up in my life the last few months, trying to “rekindle” a relationship that I now realize is not meant to be rekindled in this lifetime. I will get annoyed and at the same time, I can’t help but think about them and wonder what would happen if I tried again. But I already know what happens when you go back to something that you know wasn’t meant to be and I already know what it’s like to feel manipulated. So, no, I won’t go back but I wish them all the best.

In my opinion, when a relationship ends, there’s a reason. Maybe that person will come back into your life, maybe they won’t. But when you try to force things to happen, when you know you should leave things well alone, you create more problems for yourself. And not only do you create more problems for yourself, you selfishly try to include the person you are trying to manipulate back into your life.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to manifest a type of person into your life, if you want. In fact, that’s the preferred way, especially after a break up. When you do this, you aren’t invading anyone’s free will. You allow people to come to you because you aren’t pinpointing and you are keeping options open. It’s also a fresh start. But of course, it’s hard to adopt this idea because of the emotional attachment we have towards people we’ve had strong emotional connections to. But you just have to do it. It’s the Stoic (and Buddhist) way!

So when trying to manifest an ex back into your life, think twice. Do you really want to invade the free will of someone who isn’t meant for you or allow someone who is meant for you to grace you with their presence?




One thought on “Manifesting An Ex Back Into Your Life

  • I got back with my ex husband as in casually seeing each other. It lasted a week. I started seeing himb ecause of a recent break up with someone else. Funny, nothing had changed. I knew that after o e visit with him. It was ahrd to tell him it wasn’t going to work because he was very hopeful.

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