What Captivates Me and What Doesn’t Pt.1

There are many, many things in life that are captivating to me. I consider myself to be very low maintenance, so a lot of the things and people I value the most are simple and don’t require much at all to show the caliber of their worth. And so, I thought I would share a few today.

Vehicles: I’ve always had an interest in Jeeps, old and new. If I were to be given a luxury car like a Maserati, BMW, Tesla, Lexus, Cadillac, etc. you bet I would sell it at the drop of a hat and buy another Jeep, maybe even two – a brand new one (JL), and an old one (CJ)  or maybe two old Jeeps to wrench on and take off-roading and mudding. Luxury cars hold no meaningful value to me whatsoever. They are fancy, expensive and don’t like to get dirty.

Houses: I’ve always been captivated by log cabins and dark stonewall houses with fireplaces. I’ve never been the type of person who liked hanging up pictures, looking at white walls, or even painting them. I just like the look of wood and stone by themselves because they are naturally appealing to me.

If I were to have enough money to buy a multimillion dollar house with fancy windows and marble floors, I wouldn’t. I’d buy a bunch of land, preferably by a lake and build a nice cozy 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house with a huge garage for all my toys (Jeeps, motorcycles, quads, dirt bikes, John Deere equipment, etc). In fact, I think my garage would be bigger than the house!

Multimillion dollar houses in SoCal with more than 5 bedrooms serve no meaningful value to me because I don’t need a lot of room to be happy. In fact, I prefer to have a small and cozy house than a big and fancy house.

Personalities: I’ve always loved to be around people who are genuinely authentic and inspire me in some way, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. They lay low from social media, spend most of their time wanting to learn about life, improving it in whatever way they can through reading, travel, experience, etc. and create meaningful relationships with the people they value. They know when to joke and when to be serious. They are lead by their intuition.

The personalities I prefer to stay away from are inauthentic people who are on social media all the time, create a life on it that doesn’t match the life they really live, can’t live without their phone and have to prove to others how important they are. They think life’s a joke all the time. They are lead by the ego.

Even though I prefer to stay away from certain people, I always wish everyone the best in life, regardless of how they live their life and what they think of me. I would just prefer to have a few authentic friends in my life than a million inauthentic ones.

So that’s a few of the many, many things that captivate me along with what doesn’t. They’re simple, right? Just the way I like it. There’s more to this list and I’ll share sometime down the road. But for now, cheers!

via Daily Prompt: Captivating

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