Living A Balanced Life

All starts within.

What makes life “hard” and “stressful” is an imbalance between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. When they clash, you have problems. What you consciously want in life will not happen if your subconscious rejects it because, after all, your subconscious mind runs about 90% of your life.

As a quick reminder, if you don’t already know, your conscious mind is what you are using to make everyday decisions. The decisions you make are largely influenced by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is your operating system of habit. Everything you learn consciously that becomes a habit is programmed into your subconscious mind to work automatically. It is also the key to manifesting everything in your life.

So, if you have allowed negative thoughts and emotions to run rampant in your mind for too long, it will get programmed into your subconscious. Then what happens is not only will you automatically think and feel negatively, but your life, or reality, will be identical to what you’ve allowed to get programmed; you manifest what is programmed into your subconscious. I know because I have experienced a lot of undesirable events the last several months due to the overwhelming amount of consciousness I’ve gained as I started to “awake” and did nothing to keep it in order.

What I mean by this is the amount of information my brain was constantly downloading every day from the Universe, Divine, whatever you want to call it, threw me off balance in a huge way. It’s like being a part of a jury and someone yelling out some kind of useful and relevant evidence that is actually the missing piece you need to determine your decision, but then the judge telling you to disregard that evidence in your decision like you didn’t hear it. That’s how I started to feel about life. I really didn’t know how to handle it or what I was supposed to do to shut down the excessive noise in my head. But after a while of trying to figure things out, I finally got on board. I started cleaning up the mess in my subconscious and things are starting to line up nicely for me now. And like I’ve mentioned in my post on What Will 2018 Bring Me? we’ll see how everything turns out at the end of the year.

So how am I doing it?

First off, we all have an internal guidance system. It’s this intelligent part of our being that knows what will make us experience a happy and balanced life. Why do you think Buddhist monks are so zen? They know what’s up when it comes to balancing out their conscious and subconscious because they always turn to their own internal guidance system by meditating. That’s all you really have to do, no external struggling required.

The more conflict you have, the harder meditating will be at first, but the results will be more noticeable. And no, you don’t have to become a monk to receive the benefits. However, the more “awake” you are in life, like the monks are, the more you will have to turn to meditating to stay balanced.

So what happens is when you meditate, your internal guidance system starts lining up the neural pathways in your subconscious towards happiness in order for you to stay balanced and experience the best possible life because you deserve it.

Anytime you consciously start thinking about something awesome that you want to happen but feel a resistance, as if whatever you want will never happen, it’s because the neural pathways of your subconscious is directed towards negative emotions and thoughts. So your minds are clashing. If your subconscious is directed towards happiness, you would naturally feel that what you want will happen without any doubt whatsoever and you are just naturally chill about it. And that’s an automatic indication that your subconscious is besties with your conscious, which means balance.

When I meditate, I like to visualize what I would like to experience in life regardless if it will ever happen or not. When you allow yourself to just enjoy your visualization without needing to know when, if or how it will happen, you open yourself up to allowing your internal guidance system to do all the work by redirecting your neural pathways towards happiness.

Once the neural pathways of your subconscious is directed towards happiness, watch out! You start to align yourself with what you want because when you are internally happy, you naturally become patient as hell and that allows whatever you want to come into your life faster and what you get usually turns out better than you imagined.

Of course, meditation in the beginning is never easy, negative thoughts and emotions may surface and if they do, that’s an automatic indication that your subconscious has some negativity going on, but it’s normal at first. Keep with it though and you won’t want to be anything but happy all the time and you will get excited about meditating because it’s almost as if you are living a dream but consciously awake. Negative thoughts, emotions and crappy circumstances will completely lose it’s power over you. Then you will start to see the balance you created within yourself work it’s magic outside of you in your life, reality or as I like to call it, the external world.

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