The Toothpaste Perspective

There are many important things in life that we overlook, especially perspectives. So I came up with a weird “Jen” way to explain how I feel most people perceive life by simply using toothpaste as an example.

Have you ever experienced depression, anger, guilt, shame etc. because you found out that you are about to run out of toothpaste? Or do you get anxiety before going to bed and have sleepless nights because you are about to run out of toothpaste? Probably not. Why? Because there’s no reason to worry about it, right? If you’re about to run out of toothpaste, you just know life is going to be ok and the world isn’t going to end, even though toothpaste serves a huge purpose in your life.

Toothpaste allows us to keep our teeth clean and in good condition so we can:
1. Chew our food properly in order to digest it properly
2. Prevent many harmful bacteria and diseases
3. Prevent cavities
4. Prevent tooth decay
5. Prevent offending others
6. And, of course, to smile

However, I feel most people overlook these benefits when they are about to run out of toothpaste and would rather make a huge deal out of things that have zero benefits, like running out of photos to post on social media.

In today’s society, I feel many people perceive things in life backwards because they don’t give themselves time to slow down. Nor do they seek the internal intelligence within themselves to gain level-headed perspectives and make level-headed decisions. Instead, they give a lot of toxic meaning to something of little importance by worrying about things that are much smaller than running out of toothpaste. These include things such as gaining likes on social media, someone else’s negative opinion, not getting an instant text, worrying about the future, dwelling on the past, etc. But they don’t have sleepless nights and anxiety about running out of a product that’s actually important in keeping them healthy. Basically, too much energy is put into things that don’t serve a beneficial purpose and none of it is put towards the things that are actually beneficial, like toothpaste.

I’m not saying to waste a lot of energy over running out of toothpaste. All I’m saying is that when you find yourself wanting to worry and make a big deal out of something so small, think about how minor it is compared to running out of toothpaste. How do you naturally respond when you are about to run out of a product that helps prevent your teeth from falling out? You know your teeth won’t fall out and you don’t worry about it because you know another tube/container of toothpaste will show up in your life in one way or another, right? And that’s the kind of perspective you should always have about everything else that comes your way. Cheers and don’t forget to brush your teeth!



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