Sending Back Some Love and Some Facts About Me

Since I started becoming consistent with blogging at the end of December 2017, I’ve received so much positivity from so many people and I am truly grateful.

Even though I really wanted to get my ideas out there for people to read in hopes to entertain and/or inspire, I honestly did not think my blog would ever be recognized for anything, but it has, especially this post. And in much appreciation, I just want to thank the people who recognized me by either reblogging my blog posts, giving me a shout out in their own blogs, or nominating me for either the Versatile or Sunshine Blogger Award.

So sending back some love and a huge thank you to:

  1. Selene Smith
  2. Abirami
  3. MrHushHush
  4. Sarishboo
  5. Adrian vs the World
  6. What If We All Cared
  7. ArtisanX
  8. FeelPurple

Oh, and I also want to send some love back with a huge thank you to my recent top 4 commenters (you make comments fun to read):

  1. Rant and Reason
  2. Are My Feet Off The Ground
  3. Len’s Diary
  4. Lovenlosses

I’m not sure how to go about in response to the award nominations. I notice they vary in rules, so I just decided to share several fun facts about me. Also, instead of choosing specific people to nominate in this blog, I’d just like to give a shout out to various bloggers who have inspired me as I keep blogging, so watch out!

If you post a blog that has inspired me in some way or caused me to think of an idea for my own post, I will definitely credit you because it’s the right thing to do and a way to show my appreciation.

Ok, now some interesting facts about me:

  1. I used to be a bartender at Desert Sun Resort, an invisible clothing (nudist) resort, located in Palm Springs, California.
  2. My first job started when I was 15. I became a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons to both little kids and adults as a WSI (Water Safety Instructor).
  3. I am cross dominant. This means I eat, write and catch with my left hand but throw with my right hand and kick with my right foot.
  4. I pierced my own right eyebrow twice when I was in high school and it has left very interesting and noticeable scars. I get asked about them all the time and have been told many times that it either gives me “character” or makes me look like a “rebel”. Ha!
  5. I’m afraid of balloons. I never had a bad experience, I just don’t like when they pop.
  6. I collect crystals and stones. My favorite stone is black tourmaline and my favorite crystal is selenite. They are my yin and yang.
  7. My favorite color is black. Black has always represented mystery to me, which I absolutely love, and in feng shui it represents water and flow.
  8. I grew up a tomboy and all my friends were boys. We used to catch lizards and ride quads and dirt bikes because we lived in the desert. To this day, I’m more comfortable befriending men than women.
  9. I’ve always loved being involved in adrenaline driven activities and hobbies. I love riding street bikes, skydiving, off roading, lifting heavy weights, and I love to watch ice hockey, Moto GP, and Formula 1.
  10. I love being an American, but I don’t like American sports – Football, baseball and basketball bore me.
  11.  And lastly, even though I appear to be tough, or intimidating, on the outside (as I’ve been told) I consider myself to have a very gentle and compassionate heart.

So there you have it!

Sending some love back to my fellow bloggers and sharing some interesting facts about me! I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the bloggers I’ve listed! Many more of you to thank soon! Cheers!


Photo: Taken by me at Heart Rock located in Crestline, California

via Daily Prompt: Invisible

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