If You Are Going Through A Spiritual Awakening…

You will know.

If you have no clue what it is but interested and want to know or maybe you kind of know but interested in knowing more….keep reading.

I mention a lot in my blog posts about being “awake”, fully understanding that many people who read my blog posts, do not understand what that means and may still be  confused. That’s ok, because I deal with my “asleep” or “unconscious” family on a daily basis not understanding it. And so I keep it to myself now as to not worry them into thinking that I’ve gone off into the deep end somewhere and need “treatment” to come back into shallow waters.

Even though I’ve mentioned the terms awake, awareness, and consciousness in past blogs, I cannot explain in detail exactly what they mean for you to fully comprehend, if you have not gone through the awakening process. It’s just one of those things where you will have to experience it on your own, when it’s your time and when you allow yourself to open up to it. A lot of times, it does happen due to hitting rock bottom or experiencing a tragedy. All I can do is explain how I perceive it in hopes that you will be able to pick up what I put down.

For those who have or are going through it will know exactly what I’m talking about. And I apologize in advance if this may offend anyone’s religion. You do not have to believe any of what I am about to mention, as you have the free will to believe in whatever you want.

As a brief summary, spiritual awakening is when you start to come into realization of the mystery of the Universe. You go from understanding life in the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. Basically you understand life isn’t about struggle, limitation and enemies (3D) but rather about infinite possibilities and connectedness (5D). We are all related to one another. You, me, your next door neighbor, your door mat, Jake Gyllenhaal, all the trees in Africa, etc. We are all orbs of energy with costumes on at a costume party that parties all night and all day, forever ever. Forever ever? Forever ever. Strip all of us down to the core and we all look alike and we never “die”, therefore time doesn’t exist; we simply keep switching costumes when it’s come time to switch. And depending how you act in this costume, or body, will determine what costume you will wear next, in what we call karma. Live ethically and authentically in the best way you can and your next costume may end up being another human as a highly inspirational person, live unethically and inauthentically and you may end up becoming a toilet bowl for 200 years. You pick.

That is why as humans, we are very lucky. We have the ultimate benefit in determining what our next costume will be by having the ability to use the cognition of our brain. Unfortunately, many people who don’t realize this are still “asleep” and allow the ego to determine their next costume by scoffing off at any idea of compassion towards others and things of nature, including themselves. They allow all sorts of negative emotions and thoughts to lessen their chances of changing into a better costume when it’s time.

Why do you think people, including myself, who are awake are so compassionate with others and appreciate nature? It’s not just because we want the next costume, or next life, to be better than the one we are currently experiencing, it’s because we realize how connected everything really is. And because we understand this, we naturally want everyone and everything to be in harmony. When you awaken, you slowly become naturally compassionate towards everything and everyone. You will naturally gravitate towards living a better 3D life with a 5D mind, in the present moment, by being mindful of everything you do, because when you do, you just can’t go wrong.


Photo: Energy ball via YouTube. This is pretty much what we all look like down to the core. We never die, we just continue to change our costumes, over and over again.

If you are already awake or going through the process of it and find it really difficult to deal with those who are not awake yet, watch this video by Eckhart Tolle. It’s not only about the partner in your life that’s not awake, it’s about anyone in your life. Enjoy!


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