Taking a Few Steps Back

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve blogged and there’s a very good reason for it.

I just wasn’t feeling it.

A week ago, I had this random feeling that I needed to try and stay away from electronic devices and redirect my attention towards a pen and lots of paper. At first I had no idea why I felt that way, but thought okay. So I started journaling a lot and only checked my phone every so often but kept my MacBook shut. Then it dawned on me: “Oh snap, we are in Mercury Retrograde!” No wonder I don’t feel like communicating with anyone via electronic devices and no wonder the issue I had with my Jeep was completely different to what I thought it would be.

If you don’t know what Mercury Retrograde is, I blogged a little about it when I first started blogging. You can check it out here.

As I type this, I’m still feeling resistance against being on my MacBook because I know I should be dedicating most of the retrograde time towards a ton of inner work and journaling like I did back in December. But instead, I thought I would hop on for a moment and publish some confusion, post April Fool’s Day. Ha!

Anyways, in all seriousness, the same type of emotional weirdness I experienced in December is back: confusion and truth distortion. However, I know what’s going on, so I don’t feel as if there are a million question marks hovering over my head or that I’ve gone crazy.

The more I sit down and pull the plug from all the partying going on in my mind, the more I understand why I “woke up” and fully aware of what I used to not pay attention to before. It can be really crazy at times to where I just want to revert back to the good old “ignorance is bliss” aspect of the “3D” world.

If you’ve ever seen or read A Clockwork Orange, I feel like Alex, as he is forced to keep his eyes open to observe things he really wasn’t aware of before. He’s confused because as he is forced to watch violence, he is also forced to listen to his favorite type of music. So, lots of confusion going on, wouldn’t you say? And that’s a bit of the confusion I’ve had to deal with during the Mercury Retrograde cycles, since my “awakening”.

As I allow that weirdness to cycle through and work on understanding it more, I’ve also decided to focus a bit on working in the physical or external world. I know well enough, from a logical standpoint, that trying to focus solely on the spiritual aspect of life and lacking in the physical aspect of life, is an imbalance. Too much of either will knock you on your ass.

So as much as I love blogging and interacting with people in the blogging community, I know right now I need to slow down, take a few steps back and be a blogging hermit before I go gung ho later on in the month, when Mercury goes direct. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and I’ll catch up will you all later in the month. Cheers!


Photo: Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, California




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