Time To Move Forward

I’m back! Woop woop!

The last few weeks have been pretty…interesting. I’ve just been trucking along in life without being around electronic devices too much.

Mercury was retrograde up until a few days ago and it actually affected me in more ways than I ever thought it would. I am now a firm believer on how planetary alignments/retrogrades impact our lives, as this Mercury Retrograde was very noticeably challenging for me but very educational. I’ll have to share some of the more practical things I’ve learned that may be beneficial to others. The personal rants may come too as Saturn is now retrograde, meaning time to spill the spiritual aspects I’ve learned through Mercury Retrograde. Heyo!

So, during these last few weeks, I really wanted to take a few steps back and figure out how to step up my game in the self awareness area of my life. No surprise, right? When Mercury retrogrades, it’s not the time to move forward and go gung ho towards anything new, but rather to slow down and revisit, revise, repeat, review, redo, return, and basically anything else that starts with “re”. So, I went back to rekindling a few things in my life that I truly resonate with such as getting back into swimming laps, returning to 24 Hour Fitness from LA Fitness, and re-reading some books I own.

What I did not expect to return was experiencing a lot of the same hard hitting emotions from several months ago. It’s almost as if I was forced to revisit the dark night of the soul I experienced from September 2017, when my life started to crash and burn. My life didn’t crash and burn these last few weeks but the memories and the emotions I experienced from that time showed up out of nowhere. That was not fun at all, as I don’t like to dwell in negative emotions, nor think about the past but it hit me hard at times when I became bored. And I was bored a lot because I just felt like I had to sit in my feminine “yin” energy for a few weeks by staying put and reassess every aspect of my life in my inner world instead of taking charge with my masculine “yang” energy in the external “3D” world.

It was difficult, as my dominant energy is masculine and I’m still transitioning my consciousness from 3D to 5D. I’ll have to blog about all this spiritual stuff soon, as I feel that I’m becoming more attuned to it, more interested in it and also for the fact that out of all my blog posts (both practical and spiritual), the posts that received the most attention while I was away were the spiritual posts.

So, anyways, it’s good to be back. I missed the blogging community and I’m ready to move forward again with some fresh practical and spiritual perspectives in life. Cheers!


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