Anyone Remember “The Dress”?

Is it blue and black or white and gold?

The dress went viral a few years ago and I remember arguing about it with my boyfriend because I saw it as white and gold and he saw it as blue and black. Well it turned out that the dress was actually blue and black.

I randomly came across the photo of the dress a few days ago and was shocked because I saw it as blue and black instead of white and gold. Then I looked at the same photo this morning because it was still on one of my browsers and what did I see? White and gold. Yeah, this threw me off because there isn’t just a slight difference in colors, but rather, a huge one. I thought, how is it possible for me to see the same photo but perceive the colors of the dress differently at different times?

I didn’t want to think too much into it, but I did. No surprise. I got all philosophic about it and started delving into how I perceive life right now because my perception has been back and forth…from practicality to spirituality and back…over and over again. But that’s for another blog.

Anyways, I started to wonder if people perceived me differently than what I perceived myself, visually. It’s an interesting thing to wonder about because we’ll never know as we’ll never have the chance to see exactly what other people see.

So, what colors do you see in the dress? I’m curious to know how many see blue and black and how many see white and gold.


Photo: The dress via Wikipedia

via Daily Prompt: Slight


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