Energy, Energy, and More Energy

Energy is contagious. Good, bad, great, dull, boring, awesome, stagnant, etc. You get the point.

We are all made up of energy, as I’ve explained in my spiritual awakening post. So you may want to read that before reading this.

Whatever kind of energy you surround yourself with and focus on habitually, is what you become.

Be around negativity and that’s the type of energy you become.
Be around overwhelming energy and that’s the type of energy you become.
Be around inspirational energy and that’s the type of energy you become.

I understand that sometimes you can’t help but be around certain energies that you don’t want to be in or around, whether it’s certain family members, a relationship, co-workers, or your environment but you always have a choice. There are many people out there who have taken the initiative to get away from them, even when there may have been some uncomfortable risks and dire consequences to face. But eventually, it will work out for the best, even if it may not seem like it at the beginning. When you are doing something to improve your well being, miraculous things start to happen.

What you do during your time on Earth as a human being should be spent doing what you love, not what someone else loves. Love is a very powerful energy and when you love your life, you become love and as the law of attraction goes: like attracts like.

Since like attracts like, protect yourself from potential negative energy before you end up getting sucked into it as a habit. Don’t just run away from it because running away is a cowardly way to handle situations, unless some ferocious predator is trying to hunt you down, then by all means, run the fuck away. But for anything else that won’t go away no matter how far or fast you try to run, just acknowledge whatever it is for what it is, see if it’s actually negative and if you can adapt to it. If you can’t, then peace out.

I did this recently and I should’ve done it long time ago. Lesson learned. I allowed myself to be around toxic energy and allowed myself to deep dive into confusing and overwhelming energy for a stupid amount of time and what did I find myself in? More toxic situations, confusing mindsets and overwhelming moods. Not cool.

So now I see myself becoming like the energy of water: adapting to situations in whatever form I need to be in but evaporating when I know it’s time to go.


Photo: Light bulb on body of water via Pexels



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