Living In My Jeep: Day 1

Hello again, San Francisco!

I left SoCal again last night to give San Francisco another shot. It was a premature decision because I really wasn’t ready to make this huge move but something told me to just go, just like the time I up and left to visit the Four Corners in New Mexico, randomly. I also wanted to make the decision fast, before my mind started coming up with reasons to stay put in my comfort zone. Boring.

I’m both excited and a little nervous because I’m dealing with a lot of unknowns. But really, I’m more excited because it involves adventures and I love adventures!

I don’t know anyone in this area or within hundreds of miles, I don’t know the area very well, I have no idea where to camp out every night, I don’t know when my clutch is going to go out, I don’t know how long I plan to stay, I don’t know how work is going to go and when it will start and I don’t know when my funds will run out.

So right before I left my sister’s house, where I was couch surfing for a few months, I had requested a transfer in work station. I was approved for the transfer but was informed that it would take up to several days to actually get switched over and as an independent contractor, it’s not ever set in stone, but I didn’t care. I packed my stuff up and left with optimism. I thought, what the hell, I’m already dealing with a lot of unknowns, why not add something else? It keeps me on my feet. Also, I would rather take all these chances of stepping into unknowns than to sit rotting away in mediocrity and family drama back at my sister’s. I love my sister and her family, but I don’t belong there. I am a grown ass adult, I have my own issues to deal with and I need to be on my own because I love feeling independent.

Now, I’m on my own again. I’m living in my Jeep Wrangler and it feels liberating! It hasn’t been a day yet since I left, but I already feel a massive difference in my energy levels and I am looking to improve it even more, day by day.

SoCal is nice and it will always be home, but I felt the need to be somewhere different. I was just here in San Fransisco a couple of months ago but I got scared and left. The job I tried out didn’t pan out and I immediately freaked out and went back home to SoCal, instead of giving the area a chance to venture out and seek something new. Big mistake. I allowed the rain, gloomy skies and the fear of many unknowns to scare me off. My emotions were all over the place and I forgot who I truly was: an adventurous and unshakeable go-getter.

So far, the day has been pretty awesome! The weather is perfect and I found a really nice Starbucks to blog at for once. Usually, I find small ones that are always packed, it overwhelms me to the max and my mind becomes mush. This one is huge and not busy. Perfect! I also found a few nice gyms to work out and shower at. Score!

I didn’t bring a lot of stuff as I like to pack light. I didn’t bring much food either but apples, bananas, peanut butter and tuna packets. I figure I can just pick up some food everyday as I go, just to prevent any clutter in my Jeep.

So now, we shall see how Jen’s Jeep life goes, day by day, as I’ll keep you posted along with random thoughts and ideas my mind wants to share. Cheers!


Photo: My new home and what I brought along.

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