Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We are constantly bombarded every day with so much, that our minds become ridiculously overwhelmed. I also love this song by Bobby McFerrin.

I just left SoCal the other day and as I drove through LA rush hour in the afternoon, I started to notice how other drivers looked so stressed out. Aren’t most of these people heading home, instead of work? Why is everyone rushing so much all the time, especially when they don’t need to? Is it because we now live in an era of instant gratification?

The more we try to rush in our daily lives, the more complication we add to it. Our brains can only process so much at a time before our minds start malfunctioning. And when our brains start malfunctioning, we start to dig up more ways to make life go haywire. What our minds come up with constantly, is what we see in our reality, right?

I’ve experienced this many times. In fact, I’m trying really hard to get back to stop rushing everything, because when you rush, you create resistance and when you create resistance, you start worrying and when you worry, you are definitely not happy. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, right?

Since we have become so aligned with instant gratification, it’s easy to create all sorts of illusions. Like how some people feel the need to rush through traffic, almost causing an accident, just to get home. For what? Are they worried they won’t make it home on time to watch their favorite tv show? It’s amazing how the mind will come up with random things to worry about when we allow ourselves to rush.

So stop rushing, even when you feel the need to. Don’t be lazy either because that will cause the illusion of worrying just as much. Just do what you can that makes you feel at ease, regardless of the situation, because when you feel at ease, you don’t worry and when you don’t worry, you’re happy.

And when you’re happy, you get shit done in time! Cheers!


Photo: Me at the knoll of the Boynton Canyon vortex in Sedona, Arizona, at the beginning of 2017, when life was super chill and worry free

via Daily Prompt: Complication


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