Living In My Jeep: Day 2

So far, so good.

Last night was tough for me though. I did feel very out of place, alone and on edge but I pulled myself together after I made my blog post earlier today.

I was able to park in a residential area to sleep for the night. It was nice because there wasn’t a lot of cars flying by to wake me up. The weather was also nice outside, so I wasn’t freezing.

So, today I was busy. My work transfer went through and I was able to pick up a few delivery blocks. Yay! It kept me busy for 6 hours and I was able to check out a lot of new areas. That’s what great about being able to deliver: I get to deliver to places I probably wouldn’t have ever gone to on my own. Some are nice and some are a bit scary.

I met an 88 year old man today at Wendy’s. I just randomly decided to go there for lunch and as I walked to the door, he opened the door for me when I should’ve been the one to open it for him and this gave me an idea for tomorrow’s blog post, so stay tuned. So because he opened the door for me, I let him order food first. He dropped his cane and I helped him with it. Then he asked if I owned the black Jeep and we made small talk while waiting for our food. We sat in different areas of the restaurant but as he was getting ready to leave, he came over to talk to me and we ended up talking for almost an hour.

As I started listening to him tell me about his adventures as a younger man, I started to realize that maybe I was meant to cross paths with him. He owned a Jeep Wrangler at one point and has traveled to different places on his own. He was wearing a turquoise ring and talking about the places he’s visited that I’ve either visited or want to visit. He also has the desire to travel to places still, even though he’s 88 and I just thought that was awesome. He brought up about past lives and a lot of things I’m really into. Basically, the conversation was just unreal but unfortunately he had to go and so did I. I never got his name and I wish I did, but for some reason, I feel that we’ll meet up again, if not in this lifetime again, maybe the next one.

That conversation with the 88 year old man, definitely made my day. I was already having a pretty good day, but he just made it sooo much better.

I don’t really have much else going on as I’m still trying to settle into my new life living in my Jeep. I’m hoping to find some cool spots, take lots of pictures and experience a lot of cool shit to blog about.

For now, it’s time to find a new spot to camp out at. Cheers!


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